Nord Modular G2 Engine

Curious if anyone has one of these beasts - had my eye on it for a while now
It looks like a really powerful DSP box/software yet didn’t make much success(compared to other stuff) back in days afaik
having it in a rack is also pretty charming

please share your thoughts if you have/had one!


my good friend peter (portable sunsets) has been using the g2 heavily for his last many albums:


Awesome system, excellent sound, alas no sampling, and the reverb is not the best, but the rest – stunning. Plus a really nice software user interface. Will never let my system go. If you have the opportunity to buy one, get it.

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Hi, I have the G2, I consider it one of my best purchase (with the OP-1)… the keyboard is much more than a simple three-octave keyborad… the panel, encoders and buttons push the G2 to the next level. You can easily assign any module’s element to the encoders/buttons and transform the machine in a programmable control surface. For example, for a gig I programmed a patch for control on the fly the sequences played on a MPC500. In other words, it isn’t just a “music instrument” from my point of view…


thanks for your feedbacks. it would be good to hack it and design/code some modules to be used within the software but I don’t think if that’s possible

still looks + sounds ace :slight_smile:

On the look out for one myself. Had the G2 37-key for many years but it never got the use it deserved, mostly due to space constraints in my small Brooklyn studio. Endless possibilities.

There’s one on eBay for a grand just now. Heavy price.

Can anyone clarify the whole NM familiy ? G2, G2X, etc…?

What a great resource that page is, thanks for linking.

There is also this from Prof. Clark (of Cyclonix fame):

Advanced Programming Techniques for Modular Synthesizers

It’s aimed at the first generation Nord Modular, but I expect it’s very applicable.

There is also a version of the Nord G2 editor that has been patched to remove the demo restrictions… a bit naughty, but hey ho. Link. It works in Wine on OSX if you can get it set up.


the - Clavia Nord modular section forum is the bible and repository for entire Modular family (micro, modular, G2 all version), moreover is a great resource for electronic music scene


amazing resources, would be good to know how he had this module in some of the patches


also, the emulations of the classic synths look really interesting

that’d be interesting, indeed!

Unfortunately not as exciting as it looks - it’s just a standard 2 output module, but relabelled with his name. Any of the modules can be renamed by double clicking on the name within the editor interface, so you can e.g. label your oscillators to “mod osc” & “carrier osc” rather than all of them being called “Osc A”

I’ve got the G1R (about which that ebook is written) - it’s an incredible piece of kit. The patching interface is the best I’ve tried of any software modular and the sound is rich and raw, particularly when you patch in feedback. The knobs encourage a workflow of setting up a structure then exploring it, which you wouldn’t get with the G2E unless you had an external controller.


I’ve recently made a couple of video tutorials featuring work on the G2. They might give some insight to the workings of the G2 family for those of you just now running into it.