Norns 2.0.0


major updates. massive thank you to @zebra for overhauling the audio system which has a sparkly new incredible softcut. @ngwese and @simon greatly improved wifi. @ngwese has maiden working like new. @artfwo built arc support. @simon and @jah and @ngwese and @rick_monster tuned the kernel and system. help from @ppqq and @okyeron and @rick_monster. thank you to @kelli_cain for enduring the journey. thank you to the patient/brave souls who tested the month-long “beta” :slight_smile:

major changes

  • audio system (crone) is new. it’s a standalone application (no longer a part of supercollider) with greatly improved CPU balancing and capabilities. audio routing, mixing, reverb, compression, tape, and softcut all happen here. there are many massive improvements in the softcut system, which is running all of the time (meaning, concurrently with any additional supercollider engine).
  • networking system is overhauled. you should no longer need to rely on hotspot. the norns should have no trouble connecting to your wifi router, and is highly advised as all future updates can happen automatically through the new menu-driven update system. also, all file management should happen via stfp which is super easy and helpful.
  • the user folder (dust) has been redesigned for decentralized sharing of scripts. you no longer need to wait for an update from monome to gather and share projects. check out the library category for the collection. if you’d like to install one of these, you’ll need to download the file and copy it to your norns using sftp. see the full docs below for further details.
  • arc support. not so many scripts use it yet, but more are coming.
  • there are some breaking syntax changes. many old scripts won’t work without updating. see syntax 2.0. we can help if you get stuck.


check out the DOCUMENTATION so everything is less confusing.

all of the studies have been updated.


  • consider backing up anything important files on your norns first (audio, scripts).
  • download.
  • copy this file to the root folder of a FAT-formatted USB thumbdrive. this should be the actual file norns190405.tgz (make sure your browser didn’t auto-uncompress it).
  • insert the thumbdrive into norns and boot up.
  • in the menu, go to SYSTEM > UPDATE .
  • the file is now being copied and prepared.
  • you’ll be asked to reboot. use SLEEP.
  • on next boot the update will install, then the device will shut down.
  • start the machine.
  • when you do the first run after update you’ll need to do SYSTEM > RESET.
  • go to SELECT > awake and you’re flying.

IMPORTANT: your existing dust older will be copied to dust-v1 as a backup. you can access all of your previous files there (and safely delete them to save space.)

if you’ve been on the beta, you’ll need to install via serial. instructions are on the beta thread.

if you want to do a full disk reset you’ll need to install a bunch of command-line stuff. currently confirmed working on linux (raspberry pi’s work fine) and macos 10.14 (do not attempt with earlier versions). instructions here (more thorough, for macos) and here (more technical?) (apologies, i will merge these soon.)

full image is here. please do not download this prior to reading the instructions and having identified a strong need. (save our bandwidth! it’s a 1.1g file).

please report any immediate problems here. and there is of course much more we have planned!

thank you everyone for your patience, this was a huge undertaking. :star:


Thank you folks, for all the hard work :blush:

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stoked for this! very exciting.

all of the studies have been updated.


Yessss! Excited to get this going. Big thanks to everyone involved in bringing this update to fruition!

Thanks so much for your hard work. I will feel like a thief when I download this tremendous effort by so many people - but I promise that I will contribute when I can and when it will be useful, in the future.


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A lot of hard work, noticed. well done, great new features :blush:


I haven’t kept up on the beta thread too much, but will the vanilla 2.0 work with the 32GB CM3+?


Wooo thanks everyone for your hard work!!

I like the new Awake melody…

Great job on 2.0! Thanks for all the work!! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much to every developer involved in this project. Especially for keeping so much of the process open and viewable to the public. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned in the last couple months just following along with the 2.0 dev. I’m very very grateful for this community of wiggly air obsessives.


Thx so much everyone!

It should, although @tehn is the one that knows for sure :slight_smile:
You’ll need the full disk image though if you’re starting from scratch.

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This is so exciting! As a newish norns owner, I’m very excited about the possibilities here, and the instruments that people have already been posting in the library. As a monome user going back to about 2008 or so (took a hiatus from electronic music for a while due to life happenings), it’s so amazing to see this community continuing to be so vibrant, creative, and mutually supporting.


Having problems updating:

  • I have formatted my Sandisk USB to FAT32 and added the norns190405.tgz file to it
  • Switch on my Norns and head to System > Update
  • Screen displays “checking for updates” - but no further change?

Unfortunately i don’t have another usb drive to try out…
Any ideas as to what to do?

Yes. I’m having the same problem, but I the message “no updates found”.

I seem to be having some luck by heading to Sync > Eject USB. re-inserting it then worked after heading to System > Update.
Currently installing update… and it works!

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Tried downloading file again and this time it worked.

i know there has been discussion about the file structure…so now i’m curious

to download the apps in library is easy enough but where should we put them?
is the responsibility of the author to explain where necessary scripts should go?

i sftp’d via cyberduck and placed unzipped filefolders in dust (most have just a .lua file and a readme)

i’m getting an init error on some apps
anything else we should know?

see documentation under GATHERING :wink:

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