Norns 2.0.1

yeah, the update to 2.0.1 was breezy! very excited to dive into this. also, nice to learn how to navigate terminal a bit. thanks!


I’m having the exact issue @xeric described. Have you found a solution? I’m on a Netgear N300.

I’ve been able to solve it using the answer that has been provided to @xeric:


Haven’t had a chance to try yet - will let you know when I do

Dang - I did not read this thread before I tried to update, I went to where I read that I should download the latest version.

./ didn’t seem like it did anything, but I shut it down anyway and after restarting, the select menu is empty and I can only see none as a wifi connect option, so I can’t connect to try the 2.0.0 version (I don’t have a thumb drive… seeming like I might have to get one…)

any advice?

instructions for fixing: Norns: update fail recovery


thank you!!!

Having trouble with the audio engine error on startup. I followed the instructions to deal with duplicate SuperCollider classes but I’m not seeing anything regarding an offending script. Here is the last bit of the log that I’m curious about:


script clear


I manually updated to 2.0.0 and then automagically updated to 2.0.1. Downloaded new scripts this morning and they all seemed to work. Came home from work this evening and now this.

new engines need a restart/reboot to get loaded, so it’s possible you missed the duplicates the first time around? Check again just in case (keep in mind that’s in the sc tab in the Maiden REPL).

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Ah. I missed that bit about the SC tab. I believe I located the problem - seems to be the fm7 script. Thanks!


Hi there,
is it possible to add the chance to play tape files in loop in the next upgrades? Like in 1.x
Miss it a lot, maybe it’s something simple maybe not but it could be really useful with long background articulate sounds.
Or to choose if to use them in loop or not.
Thanxx :relaxed:


There is a GitHub issue already filed for this - so it is on the radar


I’m looking forward to seeing how/where that is implemented, as the next ask would be to be able to define start/end points, and it would be nice to try to help out.

Ran into the same issue some others did – I ran the update from the menu as directed, but none of the scripts would load. I also tried the reset from the system menu.

I ssh’d into Norns and did ‘sudo shutdown now’ to turn it off. After that, scripts are running.

about the Tape feature

so, the Tape class is intended to be spuer simple and not have tons of features

that said, there are a few features i should be able to add easily:

  • looping. it has been asked about many times; it was in 1.x and ommitting it was my bad. i promised to implement it 1month ago and haven’t yet, i’m sorry. [see note #1]

  • pause.

  • (borderline) seek.

  • (borderline) option to record inputs as well as outputs.

(each of these features is straightforward in itself, but when i sat down with a bit of free time last weekend, i realized i would have to do a more thorough refactor of the Tape class (again - last 2 times were adding envelopes, and adding more buffering to deal with norns emmc R/W speeds), to make envelopes smarter (begin fadeout before EOF), to re-prime the disk read buffer, &c - and to do all this without making a spaghetti mess. i may be able to do it this weekend. (i’ll have a few hours downtime tonight.))

features i will definitely not be implementing:

  • overdub

  • multiple tracks

  • rate modulation

  • resampling [see note #2]

all of these require specific and more or less complicated architectural descisions. if we wanted to make a more fully featured headless DAW kind of project, it would be best to break that out to a separate codebase / jack client, and start over with specifying the final desired feature set, so that the correct decisions/components can be made/implemented from the beginning. (but TBH i don’t think making a DAW is really on the critical path for norns development, and at that point i’d consider just using one of the many such projects that already exist for linux.)

anyway the Tape class is not very complicated, and it’s right here if anyone wants to contribute - that would be very nice, and would leave me to attend to other norns infrastructure issues in my not-copious free time:

[ ]


[1] this form of looping will not be super accurate. Tape is a disk-streaming class and we have not added fancy features like ping-pong streaming buffers. so looping will involve 1) automaticaly beginning a fadeout when we are close to EOF, 2) waiting for fadeout, 3) seeking to SOF, 4) waiting a small but arbitrary time while the disk input buffer is re-primed, and 5) beginning playback and fade-in.

sample-accurate looping from RAM can be performed with relative ease from SuperCollider or softcut.

[2] Tape can accept any sample format supported by libsndfile, but resampling on the fly is both effortful and CPU-intensive. simply prepare your samples at 48khz. if you aren’t familiar with ffmpeg or sox this is a great opportunity to become so.


It was in Edge that I had problems connecting to maiden. No problem in Chrome.

Error message is below:

  1. Endpoints: [object Map]

  2. Units: [object Map]

  3. Error during service worker registration: SecurityError

  4. HTTP404: NOT FOUND - The server has not found anything matching the requested URI (Uniform Resource Identifier). (Fetch)GET -

  5. [object Error]: {description: “Object doesn’t support property or method ‘scrollTo’”, message: “Object doesn’t support property or method ‘scrollTo’”, number: -2146827850, stack: “TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘scrollTo’ at value ( at mr ( at br ( at Anonymous function ( at t.unstable_runWithPriority ( at Hr ( at Wr ( at zr ( at $r ( at Fr (”}

  6. 0: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘scrollTo’

main.147e1296.js (1,638023)

Thanks for the stack trace. That helps a lot and I suspect I already know where the problem is (just not sure what the best fix is). In the mean time I’ve opened a GH issue regarding the problem:

hi there was having problems connecting HID Devices to my RpiNorns so i replaced line 13 in vport.lua with this one and it works. :slightly_smiling_face: is this just me?

names[device.port] = true

hope this helps

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Not sure if this goes here or Norns Help but last night I deleted my dust folder (which I had messed up last week and wasn’t sure I fixed properly manually) and installed it again from a link @tehn posted somewhere. I thought it worked when I glanced at everything last night before leaving work, where my computer is.
Today it says NONE (error: AUDIO ENGINE) upon startup and scrolling seems to be super slow. I’ve restarted and reset it but nothing’s changing.
When I click on @Justmat Otis or Mangl, they just say loading. Actually, checking now, they ALL say loading and never load.

The only thing I did after adding the dust back was add Otis, Haven, and Mangl. My computer is 40 mins away and I will go there if need be but I don’t know what to do to make this work again. Thanks in advance!



If norns shows ERROR: AUDIO ENGINE chances are there’s a problem with duplicate SuperCollider classes.

To solves this connect via wifi and open maiden. Go to the SuperCollider REPL tab, type ;restart and press enter.

This will restart the audio components and output their logs. If there’s a duplicate class an error message like the following will be shown:

ERROR: duplicate Class found: ‘Engine_Some’
ERROR: There is a discrepancy.

Remove one of the offending scripts/classes and either completely restart norns or execute ;restart again from maiden and all should be good again.

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