Norns 2.0 beta

thanks sir!
i had every intention of waiting, until i saw all these freakin arc 2.0 apps!!!
yes. thanks so much.

ps sweet dreamz :heart:

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I believe the 190314 image should work, though I could be wrong. One of the images didn’t have the correct files to make it work on a CM3+.

ok thanks!
190303 did NOT work, so trying that…

i haven’t gotten past the “error: audio engine” part, and even when i updated to 190404, it didnt work still on the cm3+ and still says i’m on 190303 even after doing the process twice. just gave up and waiting for 2.0 today… learned a lot though!

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Good to hear :slight_smile:
Have fun!

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Update went well, hotspot works great.
Just a heads-up, it looks that @Dan_Derks’s Less Concepts and @trickyflemming’s gemini and easygrain don’t work. Can anyone check? (I was in a hurry so I have no maiden output at the moment)

@AlessandroBonino re: less concepts, there were some necessary changes to the requirement syntax. I made those changes in the library-posted version, which is working on my machine: Less concepts

confirm success?

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Any news regarding cranes? @Dan_Derks :slight_smile:


D’oh. I’ll take a look at it tonight. @Dan_Derks What changes were needed? Was it the engine location syntax?

@tehn if I include Gemini inside of its own lib folder, can I do = 'Gemini'
or does it need to be more explicit like lib\Gemini or gemini\lib\Gemini

Also, “Gemini” now doesn’t seem like a real word after typing that.

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yep yep!

passersby = include "passersby/lib/passersby_engine"

working on it today! goal is to update with new softcut syntax, but would love to fold in some ideas that i’ve had brewing. we’ll see where we end up, but i’ve been missing it :slight_smile:


you can do lib/Gemini if the lib is in the current folder.

other scripts can get your lib with gemini/lib/Gemini


heads up to people writing scripts that use @jah’s engines ack, r, gong

we’re moving things out of the we repo into individual repos.

we is just going to be studies, demos, and tests. there are some libs/engines in there currently that haven’t been claimed/moved. we’d prefer these live with their respective authors in the future, but we’re not going to push it.

these repos will be included in the 2.0 release, so all engines will be availalbe.

but if you use ack for example, you’ll need to change your includes if you use lib/ack.lua

engine = 'ack'

will still continue to work just fine if you add the ack repo. (again, which will be included in 2.0)

What is correct syntax for using engines with support libraries, such as Passersby and MollyThePolly?

Assuming ack is installed in ~/dust/code/ack, this will be correct:

you’ll have to check the file path, per engine.

for example, in passerby.lua

local Passersby = require "passersby/lib/passersby_engine" = "Passersby"
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Script authors can check, but this assumes every user will have an engine’s library installed.

Would it be more reliable to provide a copy of an engine’s library with each of our individual scripts, say in a “lib” folder?


i’ve already mentioned that all of the existing/standard engines will be included in 2.0, installed in their correct location. they’re already in yesterday’s beta.

in the future, if someone makes a new engine, and then someone else makes a new script using that engine, indeed the end-user will need to understand they require both.

yes, you could copy the files to your own lib folder but you would need to rename the engine (internally, not just the file name) in order not to create a collision within supercollider

My question was concerning engine’s supporting libraries, not the engines. Only questioning as I’m seeing multiple different methods being used in the scripts that have been posted recently. Seems like there could be a best case… I’ll figure it out. Thanks.

ah, you could certainly create your own version of the engine lib.

i was previously embedding all of the engine param setup into init() on my own scripts, so not even using a lib.

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Thanks Dan, sorry for the delay in replying but I was travelling to Florence where I will play a full-on less concepts gig tomorrow :smiley:
I’ve just tried the new version and it works as it did yesterday! yay!
Thank you! Combined with Passersby (@markeats, it’s so awesome, I probably said it before) it’s my favorite jamming platform right now. :pray:


regarding a full disk reset…

Will this be the case for 2.0 proper? Will I have to borrow someone else’s laptop to upgrade to cm3+?