Norns 2.0 beta



Maybe this is being worked on, what will be the method users will use to find updates to the scripts they are using? Will they be able to track scripts in some fashion?


That’s the plan - as an example - (ssh’d to your norns) if you
git clone
then you can always just
git pull
in that directory to get the most recent version. (or do github gymnastics to get a previous version, etc.)

Then you just do that for whatever scripts you want to keep track of.

Does that work?


Yes, that would work if all scripts are placed in /we. Is /dust going away?


I discovered the slider labeled tp in the levels screen. This slider was at zero. Raising it to 1 allowed the device to record audio inputs.


that should control tape playback level. the mixer process has no level control for inputs to tape. it records exactly what is going to the DAC, post-fx:
[ ]

(one self-correction: tape playback isn’t routed to softcut. it’s mixed to the output bus, pre-fx. could change this, would mean adding another mix point.)

(also BTW i think i have a fix for the noise explosion, going up tonight.)


see the wiki for more detail but as I understand it, we becomes the new community repo on github.

dust as a github repo goes away and ~/dust becomes the place on device where scripts (from many various repos) live.


Whoa, it’s there already.

Can anyone test it (I can’t at the moment)?



I am not sure what plans are in store for Library, but if script devs each had a dedicated forum/thread on a forum, they could announce updates there. The thread would appear in the ‘latest’ listing when logging in to lines.

Devs could announce feature updates/bug fixes. They could include the script code or a link to a repo or we.

It could also be a place to provide feedback on the script and to ask/answer questions about its use.


precisely! this is what i was expecting/designing. there would be discussion per script, and announcements for updates would happen there.

of course we can explore an update-checking method with maiden as well. maiden has the possibility of getting feature-exploded, so anyone interested in helping would be very welcomed!

to test you’ll need to re-run

cd ~/norns/

but i believe some libs aren’t installed by default (i have to run right now, will post back with the details)


Sorry for the misunderstanding, I couldn’t test it because I was at work. :slight_smile:

Now I did. I tested it (after rebuilding and rebooting) with Kayan with halfsecond directly in the script. I recorded 11 minutes of random stuff and noise appeared after 9 minutes.


thanks for testing. anyone else testing the fix: if you can, i’d like to see the terminal output and in particular if there are lines about “Writer overruns.” this will also help confirm that the changes were applied.

even better if you can put this on the GH issue ( or pull request (

BTW, no need for a full reboot but you may need a clean build

cd ~/norns
./waf clean


I’m sorry but I’m pretty clueless about how to have terminal outputs displayed. I hope someone else can tackle this or I’ll need some detailed explanation on how to do it. :slight_smile:
Is there a log somewhere? If there is I’d be happy to send it to you.


You can find system logs this way:

cd /var/log

then list the files w mod times:

ls -lrt

you can view them in realtime by doing this (replace syslog with any other log you want to view)

tail -f syslog

or just view:

less syslog

Not sure if these are the logs that @zebra has in mind, but I think they’d be in that folder.


I think all you need is to be ssh connected to norns while you’re testing - and the output will dump to your Terminal session.

This may also show in the maiden REPL (bottom portion of the window)


Thanks @Jonny and @okyeron, I found the lines and replied to the GH issue. And I learnt one thing or two in the meantime.


just ran a successful 2 minute test. running a longer one now.


After playing in playfair for 30 minutes or so (fun, BTW):

  1. save a preset.
  2. recalled preset.
  3. no audio. tried another script. no audio.
  4. reset. Norns reports error in audio engine.
  5. reset. all fine.

I did notice that the play fair preset only recalled the samples and sample settings, not the pattern being used when preset was saved.


ok i also got tape underruns unfortunately. reporting to git issue.


Sorry, I didn’t see this edit. After re-pulling and applying these commands I’ve been able to record 15 minutes onto tape without garbage.


i’m actually still getting the garbage sporadically but will continue working on it, and will post here when i’m reasonably confident of a fix… still appreciative of feedback on fix-tape branch (the test cycle is rather slow) but no promises yet