Norns 2.0 beta



Could someone explain how to do this on mac?
I have relied on USB updates previously, but it doesn’t seem to be supported on the earlier 2.0 beta I am currently on.


Open a terminal and type

ssh we@{ip address to norns}

you can find the ip address on norns in the menu under SYSTEM/WIFI
the password is sleep


you can still update via ftp…


@Joakim for me i just…

  • connect to same wifi network as my mbp

  • open terminal

  • type “ssh we@norns.local”

  • type “sleep” (it might not display as you type…dont panic and proceed)

that should do it
hit me up if it doesnt work for some reason


again heads up everyone that the not-beta 2.0 installer will be friendly for all, without requiring SSH/etc


Am I wrong or there is no indication of firmware version in the norns menu anymore?


looks like there is a small typo in the update instructions.
First it says 190314, but in the next to last line in the first terminal instructions it says
cd 190303


there should be? (along with bat/cpu/disk/ip) new ~/version.txt still says 190303 tho


It was next to the SYSTEM menu


I had deleted a message but I tried another time because I was not sure it went well, and when the Setting up network-manager (1.6.2-3+deb9u2) ... message appears, Norns loses connection and never connects again unless I reboot so I have no idea when it’s finished or not :smiley:

EDIT: I went outside with Boris, the dog, and it appears that in the meantime it updated correctly.


When i choose play inTAPE there is no audio folder, instead it takes me to scripts folder. i guess its because you’ve moved it :thinking:

changed dust to audio in menu.lua line :1386 :smile:

Awsome by the way


You can click one of the buttons (I can’t remember if it’s 2 or 3, or if both work) while on the select/system/sleep screen and it will display it, along w battery info and stuff


@martindunne ahah, that was very easy. Thanks for pointing me at it.

P.S. oh Thanks @jlmitch5. It still says 190303 though. Also version.txt at the root says 190303. Is it my update that went wrong or is it an error?


I see the same thing after running the ./ from the 190314 folder

i also see dust-old2 folder so maybe it says 190303 but it doesn’t mean it


Ah yeah I’m still on 03, haven’t had a chance to upgrade to the newer beta


Looks like version.txt wasn’t updated in the update package so it’s showing the old number.


I’m in exactly the same place now… norns fell off my wifi at the

Setting up network-manager (1.6.2-3+deb9u2) ...

point, and now I daren’t reboot it because the update is still running.

How long were you and Boris outside for? :slight_smile:

How did you know the update was complete? Does the version change to 190314 on the SELECT / SYSTEM / SLEEP screen despite not being restarted, or did you just restarting?


The version number won’t update, as @Jonny said. You will notice you will have less scripts (yours are moved in the dust-old folder) and that tape>play points to scripts and not to audio. We went outside for some 15 minutes :smiley: then I rebooted by putting it to sleep via the menu.


Smart! SELECT just displays an empty screen, but Tape > PLAY does point to the Scripts folder, so I guess it’s done. I’m going to leave it overnight just to be on the safe side though, and then SLEEP tomorrow morning. :slight_smile:


ok! many apologies, i very clearly missed a few things (ie version.txt, must’ve edited a file at the wrong location).

also the update instructions are prone to problems due to updating the wifi while connected to wifi. i’m going to recommend updating via serial for the beta. will re-write the instructions.