Norns 2.0 beta



it’s actually dust/scripts/we in my system.


Thanks. This git thing is here to stay, I thinks.


Thank you @tehn and thank you as well @jasonw22

Got debian seemingly up and running using WSL and began to follow instructions- all going fine up to the rpiboot point, where its hanging on “Waiting for BCM2835/6/7.” I flipped the switch on the board, connected it, Windows recognized it. But nothin in debian. :thinking:

(at some point I think I may just send my unit in to you again @tehn because I’m really not a programmer and if Windows isn’t all-that-supported for this kind of stuff I should probably not waste my time fiddling and just give it to a professional with the right tools!)


thanks for the typo check. fixed!

all repos can be sync’d.

ie. to add zellen (above)

cd dust/scripts
git clone

and then if you want to update, just

cd dust/scripts/zellen
git pull

YES. my plan is to add in-menu git pull. and i believe @ngwese has it on the roadmap for maiden (anyone interested in helping?)


@n-So if windows recognized it, the next step is win32diskimager. also note (i updated the top link) the img will work on the CM3+ only, i’m getting a new img together for the normal CM3 (apologies)

and yes of course— if you’d like to just send it in i can do it for you


just “re-installed” my scripts this way, and I can’t believe it took me this long! very handy :slight_smile:


is anyone passionate about git and tutorial writing? i know there are loads of git tutorials out there, but perhaps we could use a specific/concise one for (relatively)-new-programmer-musicians?


  • how to get a project (git clone)
  • how to update (git pull)
  • how to create/share (register account, create repo)
  • how to update (git commit/push)
  • how to collab (fork, PR)

i don’t mean it to be norns-specific, but i think command-line is more versatile than a desktop client.

if anyone is really into this, perhaps we start a new thread in Tech?


A git guide is a great idea and I’d be happy to pitch in. I wanted to tackle revising the studies first though, so maybe someone else will take point on the git guide.


I think explaining git is a problem that has been solved to death, and that on some level it becomes a question of willingness to be taught, but I am happy to help!


Your wish is my command:


Probably best to get the whole HID-demo repo as shell relies on my keycodes lib.

Note - this was a quick hack on my keyboard test script. I’ll do a proper version in it’s own repo sometime soon.


Hi All, I’m looking to update my Sway script for 2.0, is this metro code correctly updated?

  t = metro.init()
  t.count = 0
  t.time = 1
  t.event = function(stage)

Here is a new repo for Sway if anyone running 2.0 wants to try it out and see if it works:


had this thought earlier…

“how about a shell script to update all the repos on your norns?”

and got pointed to this code:

find . -maxdepth 1 -type d -print -execdir git --git-dir={}/.git --work-tree=$PWD/{} pull origin master \;

wanted to throw this up here to remember it later. :slight_smile:


I’d be happy to help out on that :blush:

Actually, this might help out efficiently:

Maybe a good way to do it would be to have a couple of volunteers that are eager to learn git first, and spend some time with them to see what are the pain points for non tech instead of guessing what’s hard.


You guys blow me away every single day.

Just a thought: the list of scripts, without folders, is going to get a bit crowded I guess, if this one is the final form.


I agree with this…

my experience with Axoloti:
we have the same model (for 3 years?) as norns now has, so a community git, but the ability for 3rd party git repos to be added as additions. (we also have local libraries which are not sync’d)
(oh, we also have a ‘factory’ git, which contains all the axoloti supplied stuff)

our prefs to view libs

adding/editing lib:

(obviously things like sync, sync all , are on the menus)

most users do not want or need to know anything about git…
in the UI, I gave them the ability to sync (one or all) , add/remove library (=repo) , reset.

(note: for ‘contributors’ , sync is bi-directional!)

reset is important, its my ‘get out of jail free card’, after a warning (about backing up your changes) it deletes directories, and re-clones from git.

users like the simplicity of this… as for most users it just ‘sync’ that they use.

the issue with git is if you’re not careful, and don’t have a defined workflow, users will start changing things in directories , that will later (days, weeks, months!) cause merge conflicts that they (non-developers) will have no idea how to fix (and is nigh impossible to ‘automate’)

this is why we have a ‘partitioned’ community repo, but honestly now I probably would not do this - Id probably force all contributors into having their own repos - maintain a community repo long term is not much fun.

the other issue you will need to address with a ‘workflow’ is versioning of scripts so that when there is an API change in norns, you don’t break existing scripts - last thing you want is, new releases/scripts breaking existing uses - we did this with branches, which is hidden from the end users (as app supplies branch version to use on repo)

it’s actually worked pretty well for us, as git has all the versioning/sync support you need.

that said…
Ive quite enjoyed the simplicity of the Organelle patch installation,
Im starting to think for linux based systems, that my ‘next solution’ might be to have ‘patches’ as (debian) packages , as it not only handles versioning and syncing, but also dependency management… very useful for patches using libraries, or when you go beyond patches, and need other OS packages.

distribution then for online users is done by your own apt-server, but you can also provide offline installs (e.g. pkgs on a usb stick)


I might have found a bug with MLR - I can’t navigate to any parameters in the MLR specific menu ‘tab’.
I can only highlight/select the ‘midi_sync’ setting, or the bottom ‘4speed_mod’ setting. It skips everything in between.

Great work on this update, I really like it.
‘Defect’ encoders feel better now too.


I thought the same. Folders only add one level.


Wanted to mention a WiFi thing from yesterday during a couple hour session.

The browser, Safari, would not resolve the ‘norns.local’ address for maiden. Refresh sometimes would work. Switched to the IP and loaded quickly every time.


Just a short question: where can we find the new library category which is supposed to be a pool for all the scripts?


In two weeks, on llllllll.