Norns 2.1.0

Super-easy: use SYSTEM > UPDATE while connected to wifi+internet.

Note: this only updates the core system software, it does not touch your installed scripts. It’s likely that some scripts you have might be out of date— be sure to check if they’re not working.

Also added a new dedicated help page which includes instructions for doing a fresh install. The full latest disk image is uploaded, which includes updated versions of a small handful of scripts.

More coming soon. Thank you everyone for your contributions and helping this system grow! :star:

Also be sure to check out the softcut studies!


norns 2.1.0

  • NEW clocks system @artfwo
  • NEW crone routings: tape->cut, tape->aux @Dewb
  • NEW softcut post-filters @zebra
  • NEW softcut reset command @zebra
  • NEW low battery screen alert
  • FIX crone compressor timing @zebra
  • FIX engine loading logic fix @zebra
  • FIX display_png crash @okyeron
  • FIX screensaver timer now reset by enc/key
  • FIX wifi init @okyeron
  • FIX duplicate engine error message
  • FIX better error message for missing include

Did it last night. The update was very smooth and everything looks OK! :+1:

sorry, don’t want to download the disk image just to find out which scripts are updated there… anyone who has already downloaded can share the list?

I don’t think that this update touches the code folder at all. So, there aren’t really any included scripts, just whatever you already have installed.

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I think, that quote only applies to a clean/fresh/full install - opposed to a simple update?

@tehn, will it be possible someday to fix the strange USB behavior? Some USB ports seem not to accept certain devices. Successful combinations of used jacks seem to vary with different combinations of used devices. Also being able to switch off USB power would be great.

USB power cannot be disabled, but making a USB cable with a clipped power line is on of the simplest DIY projects luckily

re: USB ports it sounds like a hardware issue. some of the ports just don’t work??

Some ports don’t work with some devices - my tt keyboard only works on the leftmost USB port for example. The other ports accept Grid or the WiFi dongle though. WiFi seemed more stable on the left port though and the Grid sometimes get not recognized when plugging into another USB helps. SO every port does generally work, just not always.

As I am not the only one experiencing this I guessed it was firmware issue.

Update went smoothly!
:ok_hand: thank you