Norns: alternative grids

minor clarification: use local grid = include("midigrid/lib/midigrid") instead if you’re planning on using a single launchpad.

that’s because it used to be until quite recently : )


I have a LP Mini Mk3 and just for giggles and grins, I pointed Granchild to mg_128 to see if it would do the page switching thing. It doesn’t, but now I’m thinking I misread that being a working function with the Mini Mk3…maybe?

Yeah sorry, that one is on my list of issues to fix…

No need to apologize :grin: I misread.

You’re doing amazing work on midigrid and it’s VERY cool to use the Mini Mk3 with oooooo (which is the whole reason I built my Norns Shield).

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Hi there - was able to successfully load this color palette on my MK2 with the assistance of @JaggedNZ. It looks great - thanks!


@cuberoo thanks for the PR
My branch of midigrid now supports the Push 2!


I’ve now created a new topic to support my fork of the midigrid library. I will post more documentation and information as time permits.

This was prompted by @dan_derks as people are getting confused about what version of midigrid to use with cheat codes 2

If anyone’s particularly concerned by this please DM me and I’d be more than happy to discuss.


got my 2nd launchpad, all well so far (zellen for instance works just fine) but i got buoys not to work, DANGIT! no tides showing up at all,

Did you try adding local grid = include("midigrid/lib/mg_128") (note parentheses) to line 652, just before:

a = arc.connect()
g = grid.connect()

ok, that worked.
thaaaaaaaaanks a lot.

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Neo Trellis → MIDI Controller → midigrid → Monome Grid for Norns

Meet trellicopter. Instructions on converting an Adafruit NeoTrellis 8x8 grid into a DIY Monome Grid for Norns.

I still can’t believe I actually got this to work (after all the soldering issues, code blip-blops, and what-have-you), but here we are. I hope this helps someone else!

Thanks to @dan_derks, @JaggedNZ, and @beepboop. :slight_smile: You rock.


Can you customise the device name?
I’d totally accept a PR if you can change the device name to trellocopter! (Only slightly joking here) If you changed generic_device at all you should create a new device and include generic device, then just override the bits you need to change. Have a look at some of the other devices like launchpad to get an idea.

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As far as coming as close as possible to the “real thing” what do people think is the best option right now for a 64 grid? I’m only leaning towards the launchpad because its cheap and available, but if something felt more “nornsy” I’d go for it.

Reading through this thread I was wondering the same thing, I guess the only différence between a launchpad mini & neotrellis 8x8 are the extra rows of buttons of the launchpads. Doesn’t really matter if you use only one but if you use two to get a 128 I’d prefer to go the neotrellis route so I can have both of them side by side without a “gap” in between.
I think I’ll go the Launchpad route for now, and I’ll try to grab a grid when the new version comes out (apparently it might be a bit cheaper, which is great when ordering from EU).

You may know this already, but just to mention that Midigrid is set up so that one Launchpad is rotated 90 degrees to make that gap minimal, and in practical terms it’s no real issue.

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Didn’t knew that! I’m gonna look for two launchpad minis then!

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Has anyone tried to connect a Launchpad Mini Mk3 with the Compass script?
When i add the known line

local grid = include("midigrid/lib/midigrid")

before line 12 in compass.lua i get an init error after restarting the script.
Would be great if alternative grids could work with Compass too.

Compass works partially for me with 2x Launchpad Minis Mk 3 and midigrid, though for that reason I’m using

local grid = include("midigrid/lib/mg_128")

However, while the pads light up and move along the sequence lanes, button presses are registered extremely slowly with a lot of latency and the Norns Shield itself stops registering encoder or key presses either (Edit - since I typed that, the Norns flew through a bunch of activity, so with a substantial delay in triggering them).

Thank you very much. It works indeed with the include you mentioned and behaves also quite weird.

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I just deleted my last message

Disregard that last, I think I discovered something.

Anyway, just made a PR, let me know if you see anything off!

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