Norns: alternative grids

Thay sounds like I am heading in the right direction then…

I am sat trying stuff on awake as I type… And I can clarify that outside of the first function buttons the other three quads are unresponsive and just “lock” in the leads of what ever notes are selected plus the top “running lights” which freeze o. Whichever step is active as the quad is swapped.

I have also just tried navigating to the “loop” page of Awake on norns… And currently if I extend the length beyond eight steps, the sequencer runs with the new steps on norns until you try to switch quads on the lp at which point it completely locks up both the LP and awake on norns playback itself… Although pages are navigatable. … A restart is needed to unlock it.

It may also be worth noting that I am using external midi clock from my Octatrack… Which when no lp is connected works Fine.

Sounds like you are still including the default midigrid, try:
local grid = include(“midigrid/lib/mg_128”)

This should really be the default for most scripts, but there are many were 64 (single quad) works better (cheat codes 2, loom, arcoologies) unless you have multiple devices.

Thanks for that…
This has been a great night for me, I decided to really sit down with a determined spirit to try and learn a bit on my own rather than just rely on your wonderful patience…

I have managed to get my single lp mini mk2 working with Awake… I had to use the code above with “mg_128” in it rather than the default midigrid line that was in the pdf guide I was following… I also came across an error of nothing loading when I first tried this… But I remembered from another thread someone correcting a line that had “directional” curly quote marks… I thought " I wonder"… So I corrected that myself, and lo and behold, it worked!!

Inspires by that I took on cheat codes 2 and made the same changes (before trying it)… And this time although it worked, it was clunky again… Kind of a similar “broken but not fully broken” as I had for Awake initially… So… I then realised there are options within the edit settings menu for setting grid type etc… So… Back to maiden… Reload the original unaltered script… Back to loading cheat codes 2 on norns… Making my settings in cheat codes 2’s own settings… And… There we go…Two apps working great with the grid…

So… My next attempt was MLR… Hmmm

So, I found the line at about line 42

g = grid. Connect()

So I do as I learnt in the Awake guide and added a new line above and typed

local grid = include(“midigrid/lib/mg_128”)

But this time No dice… MLR now fails upon startup

Can anyone shed some light? I don’t want to be a burden and I am trying to learn to apply what I am being told, but I’m a bit stumped


I’m really enjoying the soothing sounds from Loom and using midigrid it accepts input for notes and triggers. Problem is there is no LED output at all on my Launchpad Mk2. MIDI out gives some LED action so possibly there is a conflict with MIDI and grid devices? I’ve tried adding the relevant line of midigrid code at various places, commenting out other possibly relevant grid and MIDI stuff and changing the default devices but I am not an experienced coder. If anyone has got Loom to work fully with midigrid, could they give me some pointers? Cheers in advance and thanks very much for midigrid.

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Hey just got my Norns shield assembled and looking to get my Livid Ohm RGB working with it. Searching this thread, I think I saw support for the Livid Block in post Norns: alternative grids - #299 by DoS

{ midi_base_name= ‘block 1’, device_type=‘livid_block’ },

What would be my first step to help add support for the Ohm RGB?

see the midigrid thread perhaps?


I got Loom working, I think. I have lots of lights!

added at line 862 - local grid = include(“midigrid/lib/mg_128”)
changed line 898 to read - if grid_dirty then
added at line 912 - local grid = include(“midigrid/lib/mg_128”)

I think it was wasn’t refreshing the screen as it was looking for a connected grid device that of course doesn’t exist.


This is brilliant. Thanks very much. Getting a launchpad mini is something I’m planning to get involved with in the next month or two, so this will be super helpful.

Love, light and chocolate muffins to you too!

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Uuuuuuuuh, if this works you will have aspecial place in my heart for some time.

I can confirm that loom works using midigrid with push2. I used the instructions that dondelion posted up there :point_up_2:t3:

Video showing loom working.


Trying to get a grid device to pair with my norns, but due to NeoTrellis 16x8 not being manufactured anymore and Monome Grid still out of stock was wondering if there are any other alternatives to a 16x8 grid?

This thread will set you up :robot:

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@okyeron’s neoTrellis-based clone uses 4x4 neoTrellis boards which seem to still be available.

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Confirmed here, too! Thank you very much for your work!

did you make any progress using your lp mini with mlr? would be really interested to get into this, but no luck on my side too…

Feature requests are shut down until April 2022, however, it would be surprising if some layer of compatibility wasn’t added, considering how much the Deluge is influenced by Monome.

I’ll try to get in to the beta group and see what talks are going on there.

Hi Carlos !
Any available videos to watch that app in action.
I’ll love to try that app with my Norns Shield.
Thnxs >

Hello Marco,

I haven’t recorded anything.
The most versatile script in Norns for TouchOSC is Cheat Codes (probably). I recommend you to take a look to the page and the documentation, It’s as deep as powerful instrument.

Good luck with your investigation and let me know if you need some help :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone,

Somewhat OT, but I have been e-mailing back and forth with the author of ODDSound MTS-ESP Microtuning System (, which permits microtunings to be applied easily across many different instruments within a DAW. There is Novation Launchpad support for the program, but only MK1 and MK3 - not MK2 (or Mini MK1 or Mini MK2). The developer says that this is because the MK2 does not have a programmer mode. However, I explained that the good folks here got the MK2 working alongside the MK1 and MK3 Launchpads pretty quickly, and in much the same manner, and thus the MK2 must be “programmable” in some way. Not being a programmer myself, and with very little experience programming, what information would I need to provide to this developer to allow him to get the MK2 up and running in his software without access to a similar “programmer mode”?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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The Deluge has already been mentioned in this thread but wouldn´t it be possible to use the touchOSC as a “translator” between the Deluge and the norns? There is already a way to control the norns with touchOSC. I´m a noob, but if it would be possible to send midi from the Deluge to touchOSC, would it be possible?