Norns: alternative grids

I believe that mg_128 is working for me. Something is happening in Arcologies, but damned if I understand it. I need to review tutorials to make sure it is working correctly.

I did get Buoys working with mg_128, and was able to get sound out of my external synth via midi. However, I could not get the brightness map to work as described above. Would somebody with the MK3 post a video showing gridtest with fade and diagonal running so that I can see what colors are showing on your device(s)? I can see the waves moving across both of my devices in Buoys, but there are a lot of colors going - I am wondering if it would be possible to set up a color scheme with fewer colors.

Press a button on the left grid and then press the button to the immediate right of that button. It should light that row all the way across to the right grid, if not press the button to the immediate left, if the beam appears on the right grid your grids are backwards! As for actually using Arcologies to make music, the manual is your best bet :sweat_smile:

Oh dear, I should really triple check the code before making these statements, Launchpad mk2 (not mini) currently runs off launchpad_rgb directly, you need to change the brightness map on line 23. BTW I’ve never confirmed all these devices use the exact same colour spec, but it would be weird if they do not!

Excellent - thanks! I will keep trying with this information.

Edit - Arcologies is definitely working - the entire row lit up based on your instruction, and the lights are marching across the two pads :). Both of my pads are oriented the same direction - am I correct that a change to mg_128 has not yet been made that would allow the 90 degree rotation for the Mk2 in order to get rows of grid pads uninterrupted by the buttons on the right side of the device?

I will work on the brightness map in my “spare” time this week :). In the meantime, I am very excited to have gotten the 128 working this weekend, and look forward to comprehending Arcologies and the other programs. Needless to say, I couldn’t have gotten this far without your detailed help and that of the others on this forum. A HUGE thank you to you all!!

Update: launchpad_mk2.lua does not seem to reference

local launchpad = include(‘midigrid/lib/devices/launchpad_rgb’), but rather
local launchpad = include(‘midigrid/lib/devices/generic_device’)

Is that correct?

Should I make the change to the brightness map on line 23 of launchpad_rgb.lua, and then change launchpad_mk2.lua to
local launchpad = include(‘midigrid/lib/devices/launchpad_rgb’)?

Thanks again for your help. I’m scared to mess around with this too much since everything does seem to be working, but it would be nice to get a more consistent color palette/gradient going.

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I’ve been trying and failing to get my LPP mk3 to work. Could I trouble you to check what line you put that on in supported_devices - is it around 8 or 16?

I note that in the Norns menu system under Devices, my LPP is listed as Pro Mk 3 - does capitalization in supported devices possibly matter?

Many thanks!

sorry if mentioned above but tried searching and couldn’t find answer if compatible. been offered a LP Mini which i think is a MK1 – is this compatible or should i continue to hunt for a MK2 or 3? thanks!

it should work! i’m using an old launchpad s and it runs great. try the steps i did here (and you can rename it to launchpad mini instead - unless that name is already in use): Norns: alternative grids - #414 by 2197

That’s a Mk1 mini, I have one and they work just fine (bar the occasional mis-lit led)

Yes, it should be lowercase in the supported devices.

Looks like I missed previous posts about this device.

First have you installed my version of midigrid?

And have you copied the minimk3 device file?
If not you could also try:
{ midi_base_name= ‘launchpad pro mk3 1’, device_type=‘launchpad_rgb’ },
in supported_devices.lua in the list of devices.

If you can confirm this works I will add the changes to the library when I work on it next, based on @kveye post I probably should just do it anyway…

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This worked! *Much thanks to @kveye and @Helen for the notes and pointers they’ve shared in this thread.

I’ve got Zellen, Grid-test and Awake work but can’t figure out Arcologies. Does anyone have any tips on where to add the line?

I think Arcologies requires a 128 varibright grid?

If anyone here has tried it with 2 x 64 Launchpads, maybe they could chip in to the conversation and let us know how they got on?

I have Arcologies working fine with 2x Launchpad Mini Mk 3s ; I put

local grid = include("midigrid/lib/mg_128")


g = grid.connect()

in arcologies/lib/_grid.lua in order to get it working.


Arcologies supports a 64 grid natively, i’ve used it fine with one LP, line edits as per @DoS above

figuring out how to use the script itself, now that’s a whole other adventure :sweat_smile:


Thank you @DoS and @blueroses :smiley:

Really encouraged to hear about both options - I’ve been side-eyeing Arcologies for a while but had somehow managed to convinced my self it was a 128 grid or nothing…

But now I know that was incorrect I’ll deffo be taking it out for a spin later!


minor clarification: use local grid = include("midigrid/lib/midigrid") instead if you’re planning on using a single launchpad.

that’s because it used to be until quite recently : )


I have a LP Mini Mk3 and just for giggles and grins, I pointed Granchild to mg_128 to see if it would do the page switching thing. It doesn’t, but now I’m thinking I misread that being a working function with the Mini Mk3…maybe?

Yeah sorry, that one is on my list of issues to fix…

No need to apologize :grin: I misread.

You’re doing amazing work on midigrid and it’s VERY cool to use the Mini Mk3 with oooooo (which is the whole reason I built my Norns Shield).

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Hi there - was able to successfully load this color palette on my MK2 with the assistance of @JaggedNZ. It looks great - thanks!


@cuberoo thanks for the PR
My branch of midigrid now supports the Push 2!


I’ve now created a new topic to support my fork of the midigrid library. I will post more documentation and information as time permits.

This was prompted by @dan_derks as people are getting confused about what version of midigrid to use with cheat codes 2

If anyone’s particularly concerned by this please DM me and I’d be more than happy to discuss.


got my 2nd launchpad, all well so far (zellen for instance works just fine) but i got buoys not to work, DANGIT! no tides showing up at all,

Did you try adding local grid = include("midigrid/lib/mg_128") (note parentheses) to line 652, just before:

a = arc.connect()
g = grid.connect()