Norns as USB MIDI host/router

yes, that device looks like it should work, but is also overkill for the use case:

  • the only thing it offers over a basic bus-powered 1x1 MIDI interface is a switch to route DIN input->output in hardware, bypassing the USB. not needed if you are only using it to generate a MIDI stream on norns and send it to DIN.
  • it requires a separate DC power supply
  • it costs $140 compared to, say, $40.
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+100 to the above re: integrating this device with a norns + grid to control your MIDI synths.

just to satisfy my worry that you might be asking whether the Kenton USB Host MIDI interface would allow you to plug a grid into the USB port and speak MIDI from the grid to your hardware synths, I’ll just add that grid isn’t a MIDI controller. grid requires a computer to translate its serial messages to OSC, which can then be formatted as MIDI, but it only transmits serial messages over its USB port. so if you plug a grid into this Kenton box (which just routes MIDI messages between MIDI and USB), you will not get MIDI from grid pad presses – that’s where a dedicated computer like norns or your laptop is required to do the translation.

grid is purposefully designed to be task-agnostic – even something like ‘pads to notes’ requires a little middleware to translate, which norns + other computers provide.

sorry if this is overkill, but i saw a potential ‘did they mean…?’ and wanted to help fill in if possible :slight_smile:


That answers my question perfectly! From my reading I had thought that grid required software for whatever use is intended, thank you for confirming!


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