Norns - Audio In/Out Specs?

Throughout my Norns setup I’ve been curious about the input and output levels, as I’ve noticed that I’ve had to make some adjustments to interface it in my studio. I haven’t seen any specs listed on the Monome site (thought they very well could be). My conclusion is that the output is -10dbV. I’m guessing that the input is the same because I often have to turn down synths so that they don’t clip the Norns input.

Is this everyone’s experience? Are these specs laid out somewhere?
And are there any tricks people have for integrating Norns into a +4 studio?



Any word on this?

Measuring mine the level seems unbalanced although impedance matched so should be compatible with balanced .

From what I can find though there is this in norns hardware github page which I don’t really understand except if there is a jumper inside :

The input jacks are configured for balanced or unbalanced. Input impedance is 10k.


The output jacks are configured for balanced or unbalanced. Output impedance is 590 ohm.

Interesting thanks.
Did it mention if it was -10dB? It seems to be just curious if any of this is listed anywhere.

As far as I know the most comprehensive spec list is on ‘norns hardware information’ github page.

By rereading this page I understand the ouput is speced for both balanced or unbalanced by being impedance balanced. So not normally balanced but never the less with good noise rejection .

On impedance balanced inputs the signal level should remain constant, so you should be good . You can read some info on balanced, servo balanced and impedance balanced to clear this thing out. I will try to measure balanced and unbalanced levels to give you specific numbers but its more or less what I explained already.

Okay. Thanks for your help. I check out the GitHub.