Norns/Axoloti Midi

I have successfully used a number of midi controllers with Norns as a Host (keybs, 16n etc.) But what I am curious to attempt midi output to other devices. How do you configure Norns between host/interface? The Midi-Out feature on Awake suggests this, but I am still trying to figure it out.

My specific use case is to send midi-messages to Axoloti, to add midi/fx, and to interface with some of my other synthesizers (I don’t have a midi interface at the moment). Are midi-interface signals sent through the USB A connectors on the Pi? Do I need an adapter like Host2Host. Any information appreciated!

Host2Host would work, but also any USB MIDI interface, the Axoloti has actual DIN MIDI in and out.

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Right so I would need some kind of intermediary device to go USB Midi to DIN (or Host2Host)? I tried to use a USB-A to USB-A cable to go from Norns -> Axoloti, but I am assuming because they are both host device, this is why it hasn’t worked?

You can use axo as a device via the micro usb connector straight into Norns. :wink:

I’m actually looking to go the other way, Norns Awake Midi -> Axoloti Synths/Passthrough etc.

I found a pretty good explanation just now here: Different MIDI in/out devices Norns

Right – you can plug axo into norns and then send the awake midi out, captured from the axo device port with the midi in object, then mangled as desired, and then out via host or din via the axo midi out object.

Unless I am still misunderstanding, which is very possible. haha

Regardless, you don’t need anything to go between norns and axo as they can talk natively.

Thanks for having a look at this! Let me show you what I am working with: I have my Fates, running awake, set to midi out only. I’ve enabled Midi Out in the clock setting, it’s set to midi channel 1. I’ve tried playing around with the port options without any effect.

The Fates is connected to the Axoloti via a USB-A to A cable to the device port. Is Fates/Norns Midi Out through another port? The micro b/c? The Axoloti is connected to my laptop via USB micro B.

I’m running the alternate_tuning.axp example file just to test. I’ve tried out a couple of the Midi-In objects without much progress.

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The A-A cable will not work. If you want to use the Axoloti’s micro-B port to connect to your laptop and also receive midi from norns, then you want a USB-A to DIN MIDI device, something like the $40 M-Audio Uno:

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@Dewb Ok so if I take out the Laptop from the equation is there anyway I can get Axoloti and Norns to talk natively as @spacelordmother suggested above? Just trying to figure out what I can before ordering a new thing.

EDIT Success!! USB-A from Norns to Axoloti Micro-B Works for midi!! I just sort of have to take the extra step of setting up the project in patcher and writing it to the Axoloti SD for startup. Thanks for your help @Dewb and @spacelordmother!!

EDIT 2 Just tried Awake and Dunes with this CS80 patch for Axoloti and I am over the moon!


Nice! I will have to check out that Axoloti CS-80 patch, hadn’t seen that before. EDIT: yes, paraphonic CS-80 sounds great!

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I connect norns to axoloty via a MIDI interface, and then axoloty to other devices via USB host or USB device. That’s because I need to use the axoloty USB port with other devices, eg Organelle or my laptop
you should build a patch/patcher using
MidiSend3((midi_device_t) MIDI_DEVICE_DIN, 1, status, data1, data2);
MidiSend3((midi_device_t) MIDI_DEVICE_USB_HOST, 1, status, data1, data2);
MidiSend3((midi_device_t) MIDI_DEVICE_USB_DEVICE, 1, status, data1, data2);

for details, search in axoloty forum :wink:

Hi Maybe too late to ask in this thread but could you explain what you had to set up for the patch to work other than setting it as the startup patch? As in are there specific objects necessary to arrange for this setup to work? Thanks very much for any input!

I’m wondering if anybody could help me use norns to sequence axoloti patches…I found one related thread here, but could not quite make sense of how to get it going. The axoloti shows up in midi both via USB or midi din to usb, but I’m wondering if axoloti requires some sort of midi patch due to its software architecture. Any input or anyone who has paired these two, would love to hear! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi hi! Lil bump on this because today I was interested in connecting my norns to my volca FM but had no ready converter available. And I was wondering hmn maybe someone figured out how to use Axoloti as a passthrough at some point. And then it turns out someone did! And it was me earlier this year :expressionless:

To clarify the setup, to use axoloti as a passthrough connect Norns via USB-A to USB-B micro on the axoloti. The patch should be setup in advance in the patcher and upload it as “SD Card on Startup” Hope this helped! Saved me 30 bucks and a trip downtown for a special cable.

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