Norns BeatClock & Swing

I have been working on a sequencer for my Eurorack (via Crow) and would be interested to implement swing. Is it possible just working within lua and using the BeatClock module? Does anyone know of, or have made scripts that I can dissect?

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You could use the new clock system, there’s a swing example in the docs

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Oh amazing! I’ll update and give it a go. Gah… I should have found that! #badforumer

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The next person looking for swing will have an easier time b/c of you! Self improving systemm


Cool. Does that mean that you could at clock to “all” applications to have crow integration? Somehow I have the feeling even though in the system settings you can enable crow as master clock, I can’t get a clock in or out. Any advice?

I haven’t spend a lot of time with Norns and the new clock system recently but I tried to clock « Animator » with Crow and this one was working, so I’m not sure… perhaps the app you tried with has not been updated to use the latest Clock system and still uses Beatclock ? In that case, Crow will not be able to drive the app.

I’m not very familiar with this new clock system but there are probably some more answers in the main thread Norns: clock