Norns becomes unresponsive when entering system->device->grid menu

I having a problem with my norns when entering the grid menu to choose my grid.
It just says Grid on top as expected and below a “1.”
Not saying “none” as usual and not getting the 1.-4. as usual.
I’ve been using it all day and working perfectly. My arc is acting a bit odd as well. It lights up on almost all leds, it can be found in the device->arc menu but not acting stable.
It doesn’t make a difference if the grid is plugged in or not on the arcs behaviour and the same the other way around with arc on grids behaviour.
Both of them work fine in max on my computer.

Anyone tried this and have an idea of what’s wrong.
I seem to be able to connect with maiden in my browser but i don’t really get any error messages before things go wrong. Maiden disconnects when this happens, but I’m then able to reconnect via maiden - but to late catch any error messages
Any help’s appreciated

hi anders! super sorry to hear about the trouble.

you’re definitely describing some odd behavior. could you please email so we can troubleshoot more directly?