Norns - Can I convert a axolotl patch to Norns Patch?

Is there a relatively easy way to convert an axolotl patch? (As stated in the title). I have said patch and I would love to use it on Norns.

There’s no converter, so, your answer depends on the patch. If there’s an existing Supercollider synthdef that corresponds to your patch, then it might not be that much work.

how would I verify things like this? Also - thanks so much for your fast response

This is a list of UGens built in to supercollider - they’re basic (or sometimes not so basic) building blocks you can wire up together to build whatever you fancy :slight_smile:

If you’ve not already, take a look at the getting started tutorial

Thanks Man!!! Really Appreciate it!

I just realized @technobear is involved with Axoloti - I wonder if he can shed some light?

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If you want some more complicated effects, or just some examples of how to combine simple UGens into more complicated effects, I have a bunch here: (from the Pedalboard norns app). Happy to answer any questions about them!

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That’s really kind of you. Thank you. The first thing I noticed between the Axo IDE and SC is that axo has a GUI. I am looking for a GUI do SC (similar to reaktor) but have a feeling there won’t be one.

SuperCollider does have GUIs!

GUIs for norns do not use the SuperCollider GUI system, though. They are custom-written in Lua (the norns screen is 4-bit monochrome and just 128x64 pixels, and the main interface is the 3 encoders and 3 keys as opposed to a mouse & keyboard)

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I think what @Pancook means (since they mentioned Reaktor) is that there is no GUI for doing the actual programming, like in visual programming languages (pure data, max, reaktor etc). AFAIK there is nothing like this for supercollider, although that would be cool!