(norns/circle) collected

norns/circle is a recurring gathering of community creativity: each participant crafts a script according to a prompt. this thread will document the results of these happenings.

01 - drone in three worlds



This is SO GOOD you guys! Congrats and great job to all!


Great video and such a nice collection! :smiley:


wonderful job everyone!
is it too son to ask when the next circle might be?


Lovely scripts and video! Impatiently looking forward to the next one :smiley:



these are all AMAZING!
so fracken cool…and all of the visuals are awesome.
i wish norns had video out!

thank you to everyone for even MORE sonic manipulators!

makes me consider getting a third norns!


Nice work y’all!
Lovely sounds, and fun seeing all the visual strategies for norns screens!

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This turned out really nice! Great job, all!


used one of these in last night’s broadcast…
they are still making me consider a third norns…

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my bank account literally hates all of you…

me…i’m in noiz heaven…

updated some of my own sounds for the scripts’ library and it turned into this:


Does anyone know whether these scripts have been “broken” by the new Norns update? I received a blast of white noise when loading Planetary and another one last night that required a restart. This happened several times.

Thanks in advance!!

hihi! hope all’s well :slight_smile:
not broken necessarily, but there was a softcut-centric bug which the new build surfaced (softcut filter(?) explosions in latest builds · Issue #1526 · monome/norns · GitHub), which was recently fixed (Pick/softcut fix init glitch by catfact · Pull Request #1533 · monome/norns · GitHub) and will be coming in a system update shortly. all of these scripts rely on softcut, so they’ll all be temporarily affected by it until the update – hang tight!

also, such a lovely reminder of how special this collection of expressions is :sparkles:

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All is well here, and I hope the same is true for you!! Thank you so much for your tireless monitoring and response to my endless series of questions :grinning:.

That’s excellent news about the update - I’m always afraid I am doing something wrong when something like this happens. I will sit tight!

Thanks Dan!
Are there any plans in the works to do another circle? I had a really great time with the first two!