Norns: CM3+ installation

So the CM3+ offers larger eMMC options.

For those that have installed / thinking of installing, other than the slight modifications to the image, is the installation fairly straightforward?



I bought one and it arrived yesterday, so I’m eagerly awaiting more info and will switch it over when I have time.

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From what @tehn and @ngwese (who both have a CM3+) have shared so far it seems some software/image changes are necessary to make it work. Unless you want to figure that out yourself I don’t think there’s much point in trying at the moment :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I don’t think anyone has actually done this yet, so it may be a while.

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Have you ever installed ram? It should be the same way. Just unplug the old and plug in the new. However, as others have said, until the image has been updated, it wont work.


Yeah, that’s what the physical installation looked like. Good to know that’s clear cut, but I suppose the image changes is what’s going to take most of the work.

This was posted in response to early questions… Doesn’t look too hard.


It seems like we’ll need to update the kernel to support the CM3+
Note this is just 1 report from a third party, but it’s the only relevant thing I’ve found so far.

Since there’s a whole lot that still needs to happen for the next norns update I don’t expect there will be a lot of time available to work on getting the CM3+ to work so it might take a bit of time till we know if/what will work.


sure, flashing the image is not too hard. building the kernel is not too hard. fixing the kernel… we are not sure yet


took me forever, but i did get my CM3+ running with the official 2.0 firmware, and it is truly awesome.

what i wonder is how do i know if norns is recognizing the full 32gb on the CM3+?

its saying DISK 1592 M…

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you may need to do this ?

du -ch on shell can show current usage
df -h / show capacity

i know you said you haven’t done this, but would this require a re-flashing?

thats a negative overnout


that worked wonderfully! thanks!!!

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So for CM3+ing, I can just update to 2.0, as per the normal instructions and then do the expand disk thing?

I don’t need to wait until a posted disk image if I haven’t done any of the betas?

You’ll need to flash something to the CM3+ first. Have you already done so?
Only the 190314 beta and the 2.0 images support the CM3+

Nope, it’s a virgin CM3+, hence the question(s).

So I need to wait for the 2.0 image first?

Yep. You absolutely need to do that, if you haven’t done it on the beta yet.


@Rodrigo I just used one of the older images, from the beta thread, and updated as per usual after.