Norns: CM3+ installation

Great to know! I’ve been wondering what to do with mine after the upgrade. Thank you.

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Just upgraded my Norns following @dan_derks video above. Everything worked, but I initially had some trouble with balenaEtcher seeing the disk and getting stuck on “initializing device”. Not 100% what fixed it, but basically just jiggling the PCB around seemed to do something… :person_shrugging:

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Would Monome ever offer for sale a Norns with the 3+ already installed?

I am guessing due to shortages that getting hold of cm3+ would be a barrier.


we have! all our recent batches and all forthcoming standard norns units come with a 32gb cm3+


Ah, I didn’t realise. Embarrassed face emoji required.

CM4S but in a SODIMM package coming… some limitations, nothing awful.
Things are getting complicated


In Jeff Geerling’s blog post about the subject, he was wondering whether they are actually just a special order for Revolution Pi, or if they’re going to be available to the general public… I guess we’ll hear about that in the coming days!

(Edit: looking at the forum post referenced, the third option being that it would be available after large customer backorders were fulfilled which might take a while…)

I thought this might be interesting to some stock Norns users. Seems to be made of unobatinium for now, but who knows.


20 characters of “look two posts up” :slight_smile:

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D‘oh! I posted this as a separate topic and seems that got merged into this thread by a mod. Rightfully so, obviously. :smiley: sorry for crossposting, I guess.

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Ah yeah, that has bitten me a couple of times before here, as there’s no indicator of something having been moved / merged from somewhere else - sorry! :slight_smile:

In any case, the official product page says:

Compute Module 4S is intended for specific industrial customers migrating from Compute Module 3 or Compute Module 3+ and is not for general sale.

In any case, Monome intends to keep Norns software compatible with CM3s. In other words, this additional CPU power wouldn’t be used by any scripts in Maiden.

Clockwork have just announced a CM4 to CM3 adaptor for the CPi/DevTerm. I’m guessing it’s too large for the Norns chassis though.

may I ask one question?
CM3+ 32Gb only gives more space or it will make Norns standard faster?

more space my friend…

Only space? :no_mouth:
I really believed that it will Speed up the monome standard.

Thanks for answering!

Just more space. Why would you need it to be “faster”?

Just because I feel some scripts are slower.
May be is a matter of low space available (less than 400mb)…

But anyway, the problem is that there are no cm3+ available anywhere unless you pay a fortune for them

I had the same feeling when I went under 500MB with the factory compute module.

I ordered a CM3+ 32GB from Allied in July 2021 and got it early December 2021 for the regular price. The lead time was 52 weeks, but got it earlier than what they estimated.

It sure took some time, but it’s way better than dealing with a unofficial dealer that overcharge or even worst, literally not ship you the card. I tried those options first, but just wasted my time and almost my money.

I ordered from Digi-Key, lead times were shorter.