over the past few months, @tyleretters, @tehn, and @eigen have completely re-designed to address what we’ve learned from the life of the first version – most importantly, the friction involved in authors having to manually re-pack materials for the maiden project manager, GitHub repositories, lines threads, and entries. we also found that the platform we’d selected for the first version had too many moving parts to be fun, in practice. so, from February 3rd onward, we began dissecting what mechanisms were necessary to keep the usefulness of the resource while cutting the cruft of the behind-the-scenes processes. we took inspiration from permacomputing for the new site’s architecture and technology, with a necessary eye toward web accessibility practices.

through many incredibly thoughtful pre-release iterations, and a fantastic round of author feedback, we’re incredibly stoked to share that @tyleretters has put the finishing touches on version 2 of !!

script authors: thank you all for your generous + continued contributions to this community – we hope that you’ve found as much energy and warmth throughout your engagement with this project as the mountains of folks who make your scripts part of their music-making rituals :sparkles:

still-highly-relevant thoughts from @tehn’s v1 top-post:

over the last three years norns has grown beyond our earliest imaginings: all sorts of new functionality, expanded documentation, group tutorials and classes, weekly hangouts, and perhaps most notably a huge explosion of community-contributed scripts. script-making is also art-making, and the inspiring level of sharing has itself built a community.

last year we created the Library category here on lines to collect and discuss new projects: updates, documentation, exchanges between artist and author, artifacts created with the script— these all combine to create interwoven streams of text.

as the collection grew it became clear that a forum is not a perfect platform for cataloging and discovery. earlier on we began listing a handful of contributed scripts within the monome documentation as celebrated examples, but increasingly we’d like to emphasize that virtually all of these scripts are the work of the community itself.

so we (@dan_derks and i) decided to create a centralized place for community projects, and brought on some talent to help shape the vision. @tyleretters (who initiated the norns study group) added sharp visual styling and data design. @eigen (who launched the awesome-monome-norns repository) created a dynamic discovery mechanism with tagging and gallery images. and importantly, over the last month we’ve been working with a crowd of script authors to populate the collection, gather insight, and make adjustments.

with deep gratitude for your continuing generosity, we present to you:

immediate contributions are encouraged. please let us know here if you need any assistance getting started, and we welcome your feedback.

the Library category on lines will absolutely continue to serve as the best place to announce and discuss projects. but the new community site will be an excellent place to host script documentation and a dedicated platform to explore the growing collection. as always, the monome docs will be where all of the tutorials, reference, and learning materials live.

together we will continue to evolve ++


from a non author’s viewpoint - it looks really good and it’s quick! Great effort - I hope it serves authors and builders well.


Amazing! Thanks to all involved. The „about“ page just answered all my questions.


love the new design!


love the mechanism. love the steez. ship it.


looks great! much simpler for script authors to just “do their thing” :tada:


The new version looks great. Thank you for your work!

Somehow my script rehear didn’t make it to the other side :man_shrugging:

Or are not all scrips migrated yet?


love it!! beautiful work. thank you x 1000 to @tyleretters, @eigen, @tehn, @dan_derks for iterating on the norns community. its such a great resource.


Amazing pivot!! Really like this.


eee! so heartened by everyone’s warm responses – thank you all for making this project so joyful :slight_smile:

just to confirm:

  • any script in the maiden community catalog is automatically imported – looks like rehear isn’t in there, which partly explains its absence
  • we took a snapshot of everything from v1 in February 2023, so anything added afterward will not be reflected in v2 – rehear was added in March, which is the other part of the explanation!

to get rehear (or any script!) into v2, just make sure that the criteria outlined in about is met and it should auto-populate overnight. please let us know if we can assist with anything that doesn’t seem like it’s pulling in, though!


chiming in to say the adjustment is welcome

it will make it easier for users and artists to find everything in one place and i love how the info has been organized

thanks to all involved! tho i kinda liked aspects of v1 i LOVE everything about v2 and enjoy the direction shift toward something more minimal (and the decision to build upon permacomputing principles)


This will get me to finally add my scripts to the catalog/community. It was too much work before, now it isn’t. Thank you!!!


OK funny enough…i tested the site by using you while searching to see how things work (since i don’t really have any scripts)

I first checked some tags on the explore tab and then tried to figure out whether Phonotype would be listed under tracker, sequencer, sampler or something else

eventually i caved and looked under your author section where i thankfully found it and realized it’s categorized differently than one might expect (for now)

still really cool how quickly i found it despite a slight hiccup


also loving how the script thirtythree is actually the 33rd script on @infinitedigits list. zack, from now on only new script names that start with s-z. :wink:


Love the reorg!

Not a bug or necessarily “something wrong” but I’d like to ask for the ability to view the site as dark text on a light background. I know people love dark mode but it bugs my eyes out. If the site can remember my setting that would be wonderful but I have no problem clicking something at the top each time I visit the site if it’s easier. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Bathing in the simplicity. :person_in_lotus_position:


100% yes


  • i really like the links up front on the script page, i’m preferential to hosting docs on github so it’s versioned alongside the script & now the external link is way easier to find
    • ahhhh you’re just pulling docs from the repo anyway !! smart smart
  • use explore as homepage ! looks great & i appreciate the better use of screen real estate
  • the ui of the tags doesn’t really feel clear to me whether multiple selected tags are AND’d or OR’d. i was expecting AND but it’s OR (?) am i the only one ?
  • i miss the separation between general tags & connectivity tags on the old site. i could see that being re-split up into two separate rows on the new site. & i kinda miss the icons!

I think it’s OR. I would also appreciate it being AND’d, because OR isn’t really needed if you can just click single tags.
Maybe it’d be a good idea to select a “base tag” and “secondary tag(s)” to search for, so you could for example search for a looper, that can also be a delay or sequencer in addition to that, although this could just unneccessarily complicate the UI, but maybe it could be hidden under an “advanced search” option?
Other than that, this already looks and feels great, in particular the simplicity of it.
Last idea: What if there would be a “random script” button that’d take you to a random script, similar to wikipedia’s “random page”?


indeed it looks good! but i believe that having a front page load several hundred images is a permacomputing anti-pattern.

agreed, this should be AND

and a perfect moment to reiterate that we’d highly welcome contributions to fix anything

additionally, tag text needs some h-width, selected vs. mouseover color needs disambiguation

we discussed this at length and opted to not (yet) revamp the catalog fields. right now “tags” are all smashed together. just like tags on this forum, there is no granularity so they become a grab-bag. one solution would be to abandon the “tags” field altogether and use two: “devices” and “categories” or something similar.

i would strongly prefer not to have the static site generator “sort” a bunch of tags into groups manually, which won’t account for the inevitable invention of new tags. the goal of this project was zero management: it’s a window into a dataset, not something that edits or curates or maintains data.

(sorry, setting a bad precedent here by not simply logging issues)


Very impressive, and a great example not just of redesigning something, but rethinking it, too. Congratulations.

I’ve submitted an issue regarding font size, but otherwise really great work. Thanks.