over the last three years norns has grown beyond our earliest imaginings: all sorts of new functionality, expanded documentation, group tutorials and classes, weekly hangouts, and perhaps most notably a huge explosion of community-contributed scripts. script-making is also art-making, and the inspiring level of sharing has itself built a community.

last year we created the Library category here on lines to collect and discuss new projects: updates, documentation, exchanges between artist and author, artifacts created with the script— these all combine to create interwoven streams of text.

as the collection grew it became clear that a forum is not a perfect platform for cataloging and discovery. earlier on we began listing a handful of contributed scripts within the monome documentation as celebrated examples, but increasingly we’d like to emphasize that virtually all of these scripts are the work of the community itself.

so we (@dan_derks and i) decided to create a centralized place for community projects, and brought on some talent to help shape the vision. @tyleretters (who initiated the norns study group) added sharp visual styling and data design. @eigen (who launched the awesome-monome-norns repository) created a dynamic discovery mechanism with tagging and gallery images. and importantly, over the last month we’ve been working with a crowd of script authors to populate the collection, gather insight, and make adjustments.

with deep gratitude for your continuing generosity, we present to you:

immediate contributions are encouraged. please let us know here if you need any assistance getting started, and we welcome your feedback.

the Library category on lines will absolutely continue to serve as the best place to announce and discuss projects. but the new community site will be an excellent place to host script documentation and a dedicated platform to explore the growing collection. as always, the monome docs will be where all of the tutorials, reference, and learning materials live.

together we will continue to evolve ++


This is wonderful - thank you to all involved.
I’ve noticed that clicking on the categories results in the results being returned in a very small windowed frame using Chrome v89.0.4389.114.

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a behind the scenes look at the making of: Building "norns community" | Northern Information


That’s weird, I don’t have the issue on 89.0.4389.90.

What OS are you running Chrome on? Do you use any browser extension?


Good call - I disabled my popup blocker extension and it’s working perfectly now.


This is a wonderful addition to the community! Big thanks to everyone involved :heart:


This is just breathtaking - huge thanks to everyone who worked on building it: @dan_derks @tyleretters @eigen and, of course, @tehn.
I am gobsmacked at the immensity of the resource and (as ever!) the generosity of this whole community.
Thank you!


truly, @tyleretters + @eigen made the wiki feel like home – tyler is a brilliant information architect + web dev, and jordan’s absolutely gorgeous gallery pushed the space into such an artful and exciting zone. absolutely proof of something tyler says all the time – if you want to go far, go together.

also, heaps of positive energy and ideas and tuning came from the ~20 script authors who engaged with the project over the last three weeks. launching with 80 scripts already-documented is a massive feat and is just a hint of the generosity of time, spirit, and enthusiasm that powers lines.

it was amazing to watch come together and i can’t wait to see how much fun it’ll bear!!


Wow, 20 chars of absolutely love this!!


This is great, congrats gang. More centralised data is super welcome :heart:


Oooh, jonesing for a Norns just got seriously ramped up!

Congrats and gratitude for everyone involved!


Huge step for the norns community! I love the site!


Thanks so much for doing this, it looks fantastic and makes Norns so much more accessible! Already studying the contributor instructions and it looks so easy to use


Great site. Makes using scripts easier, having a page open with the all the info. Instantly bookmarked :slight_smile:


It looks awesome and as a fresh owner of Norns shield I couldn’t be happier :smiley:
Just few suggestions (feel free to show me way out if they are out of scope/against the design):

  • filtering out by hardware requirements - I have Norns Shield and keyboard but I don’t have Grid and Arc so it would be great if I could filter out scripts which require them to run. Or maybe hardware icons could be in two version with red colored version meaning required?
  • while arrows looks nice as element in list indicator I click on them out of instinct with an expectation that they will expand into more detailed text.
  • I will need to check how exactly the norns.local triggers the install of the script but maybe there could be an install button that would forward user to their norns.local page with script installation process starting?

one critique: i’m not fond of the glowing block text highlighting “featured” “tag browser” etc…not that it matters a ton but it doesn’t seem harmoniously integrated with the rest of the visual design

it’s playful though so might have been intentional in that regard

suggestions: can we have an up-to-date tally of all scripts? i’ve often wanted to share this while discussing the platform (especially with new users) but couldn’t keep up with the total

also, are there plans to include libs? not sure whether a tag or something else would be the best way to find info on them

MASSIVE step forward for this ecosystem and all the users/authors who love norns

there is so much to love about this and i’m sure it will accelerate growth and the genuine sense of community surrounding this instrument

my favourite detail so far is the tab access to changelogs for each script…hard to explain why but it makes so much sense to handle that bit of data with tabs near the top of the page : )


We experimented with this and had quite a long discussion.

The conclusion was that we didn’t want to impose wiki contributor a too-complex set on rules regarding the tagging.

Another sane approach would be to create a wiki page listing scripts for which X/Y is optional.

Adding too many of those would also compromise wiki.js’ native tag browser (as all those tags fall into the same bucket and cannot be categorized as with other meta-data structures).

You can still see an early draft of the gallery that played around the idea of (way) richer tagging and filtering.

This is a brilliant idea!


ya, me too. (now i see i got competition :face_with_monocle:
better get up early that morning :muscle: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


congrats on the release! the site looks lovely, and contributing is a breeze. really great work all around!


just chipping in my measly 2 monetary units to say congratualtions on the accomplishment and of course and as always thank you :pray: