We experimented with this and had quite a long discussion.

The conclusion was that we didn’t want to impose wiki contributor a too-complex set on rules regarding the tagging.

Another sane approach would be to create a wiki page listing scripts for which X/Y is optional.

Adding too many of those would also compromise wiki.js’ native tag browser (as all those tags fall into the same bucket and cannot be categorized as with other meta-data structures).

You can still see an early draft of the gallery that played around the idea of (way) richer tagging and filtering.

This is a brilliant idea!


ya, me too. (now i see i got competition :face_with_monocle:
better get up early that morning :muscle: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


congrats on the release! the site looks lovely, and contributing is a breeze. really great work all around!


just chipping in my measly 2 monetary units to say congratualtions on the accomplishment and of course and as always thank you :pray:


i went through a dozen different designs for this. i liked how “loud” this was, but still not totally happy with it. do you have visual design skills? do you want to take a pass at a new design?

is this just a number? i.e. “we have 93 scripts in the wikiI!”

depends on the lib. i have links to lattice on the northern info page. core stuff should probably stay on, but if someone builds a lib they should totally get to feature it on their profile imo.


Realizing I’m a niche within a niche here, but I was planning on adding my norns music-game defuser to maiden once I worked on it some more and made better documentation. If I were to then add it to the community page, I’m not really sure if there’s a current category that it would fit into. Maybe a “Misc” category could be useful?? Or a “Games” category if that specificity would be better?


if there are non-scripting folks who are passionate about / interested in writing about this sort of thing, we made sure to add a norns study discord authentication method (versus github for scripting contributions) which allows folks to edit the main category pages and open spaces. i could definitely see a collaborative meta-page for collecting self-contained norns-only projects with a bit of personal writing :slight_smile:

this sorta thing is totally negotiable! there’s an art section and a utility section which has some game-esque projects (p8 and dice seem to bookened defuser pretty nicely). we’re basically following a rule of three – if at least three scrips can fit better into a new category than the existing, then it should totally be added. i’d opt for more specificity than misc, so games feels nice if there are some others that could fit! for now, i’d call defuser art :art: :sparkles:


@glia or anyone else here’s the psd of you have any ideas for the hero images:
norns community (8.9 MB)


makes total sense! yeah i think “art” will work fine for now :slight_smile:

just to say, there are many more in maiden itself… and there is likely a pretty simple way to programmatically count that number and keep a tally somewhere

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sorry for starting w/ a negative critique (i have some skills but not confident enough to step in and change what you did) again…it was less even a total panning of the choice than an observation: that one element seemed * slightly * out of place

honestly i’d keep it as-is

that makes sense, thanks

i thought it might fit well in the faq section OR just a simple (93) somewhere on the main gallery page?

possible bug: the script share button and print button both work well (genius idea!)…but, bookmark seems dead for me

is there a part of my user profile where i can find bookmarked scripts? or is this supposed to be for my web browser?

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no apology needed! thank you, though :slight_smile:

yeah i think it’d be fun to celebrate how many scripts there are. are you thinking you want to see that just to get a sense of how many there are? or another reason?

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bragging to non-norns ppl :smiling_imp:

no seriously…it’s come up a few times while chatting with friends and i just said “alot”

personally i want to know to check what’s been added recently since the last time i updated so, alternatively, this note could be added to maiden if people would find that info useful

yeah would maiden be better for that then?


Looking great! Clap clap :slight_smile:


that’s great, really good work! :slight_smile:


forgot to chime in
absolutely agree, would make things super simple for new/old users alike

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this is SO wonderful. amazing work everyone!!! thank you 100x over.

i’ve been overwhelmed many times by browsing the library section of this forum - seeing cool script names but having no idea what they do. i’m delighted and relieved to now be able to browse by category.

regarding the font outer glow treatment - something as simple as turning that off and reducing the background image brightness can make it quite legible. or just a black bg?


maybe black and white with glow?

though, solid black bg with white font is much better imo


i kindof think so. the source of truth is a simple json file and its easy to count the elements

@glia for example


this is phenomenal!! having everything categorized is such a huge help and just is inspiring in general. thank you thank you!