Norns: Compilation

Album art ideas?
Deadline suggestions?

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On album art, perhaps something drawn within the same limitations of the Norns display?

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h/t to @scanner_darkly:



ha! i made that on iirc
judging from a quick look on the web-site it can be used with credit specified and resolution limited to 500px, not sure if that would work

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Tempted to use it as a starting point for a 128x64 (norns screen dimensions) composition in 16 levels of brightness. :wink:


Here’s Kunaki’s dimensions:

So, I’d be creating pixel art that is up to 10x enlarged.


New idea courtesy of @trickyflemming!


This sounds really cool!

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I’d be game for that!

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Count me in as well.

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I think there could be a few distinct phases:

  1. Find a person willing to contribute the foundation script. We could perhaps do two different script ideas for diversity (i.e. one MIDI generator and one standalone audio generator or one sampler and one synth… no reason a script couldn’t be both but it would encourage beginner programmers to start with a simpler idea and cleaner code).
  2. Start a new Lines thread with a link to the script. Create a new monome-community repo for everybody that signed up. The thread will be a friendly, useful place to ask development questions.
  3. First deadline: Submit your version of the script by the deadline (maybe one month).
  4. Spend a week or two for a public feedback phase. Identify issues that need fixed.
  5. Final deadline: publish “completed” scripts. These scripts could then be merged from the standalone repo into an LCRP folder (maybe volume 1 subfolder) on Dust. Any changes after the deadline would be managed as pull requests on Dust instead of the other repo.


Just want to say I’m definitely down for this. Love the idea!

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Really fantastic idea!

This bit needs a little more working out. What type of scripts are folks interested in learning more about through experience?

The trouble I’m having is that all of the ideas I’m interested in exploring (synthesis, audio effects) would likely require Supercollider engine work. How would folks feel about including engines in this?

The other observation I’ll make is that this project will be a lot easier after study #4 is available, since that’s when we get to the really interesting i/o stuff (grids. midi. sync. OSC, HID)

I personally think an additive synth engine would be fun to work with, and could go in many different directions. I’m hoping to piece together a super collider script, but am mainly having trouble figuring out how to translate that to an engine in norns.

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How do you guys feel about starting a discord or another live chat to build an engine together? We could then report it back here for anyone interested in the LUA scripting.


If you’ll set it up I’ll join!

We do have this but it hasn’t really been used yet.

And now we have a norns-compilation room:

and repo:

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I’d love to see what people can come up with when using norms as some type of MIDI sequencer, multiple tracks as a focus. Grind as a controller.
Sound processing sounds great too!

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