norns dev 2023

by popular demand, here is the sequel to ye olde 2021 video.

links n' stuff

★ KAIZEN: A philosophy or system that is based on making positive changes on a regular basis.



★ SMB CONNECTION INSTRUCTIONS: WiFi / update / files | monome/docs

★ NAVIGATE TO SMB’D NORNS: cd /Volumes/dust/code/foo

★ SSH KEY INSTRUCTIONS: Adding a new SSH key to your GitHub account - GitHub Docs

★ THE “SSH NORNS” SHORTCUT: To use the ssh norns shortcut, follow the GitHub key instructions above and then add a norns host entry in ~/.config/ssh. (You will have to do some searching to smoke out all the details and edge cases that will come up when doing this. Search for something like, “how to setup ssh shortcut.”) See also: advanced access | monome/docs

Host norns
  Hostname norns.local
  User we
  UseKeychain yes
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_ed25519

★ NORNSILERPLATE: GitHub - northern-information/nornsilerplate: monome norns + boilerplate = nornsilerplate

★ ATHENAEUM: GitHub - northern-information/athenaeum: a repository of study, spike, and sample scripts for norns

★ INCANTATIONS: norns incantations · GitHub

★ NUKE NORNS: nuke norns / listen to techno - YouTube

★ YE OLDE NORNS DEV 2021: norns: development setup - YouTube

because life’s too short to not be comfortable when scripting! :owl:


20 characters of KRZ!!


Thanks for sharing @tyleretters! Caught the video when you posted it and have just rewatched it.

Thanks for removing barriers (be gone my old FTP method!) and helping others like myself get set-up by sharing your insights and workflow.

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this is super helpful! :slight_smile:

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@watercolor still one of my all time favorites. i’ve had this wallpaper up for several years now… i’m super excited to play norco next.

@mattallison you’re welcome!!! thanks for watching! please post any questions here and i’ll be happy to help!

@maaark <3


Thank you for sharing! I just picked up a Norns and this has been super helpful in improving the workflow.

I seem to be unable to use maiden repl from ssh. I get an error that says:

<program name unknown>: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I got this too, I maybe went too far and re-imaged my norns since I hadn’t done anything on it recently, and it fixed it.

There’s probably a lighter weight way of fixing it, but if all else fails, re-image seems to work.

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can you share the full terminal output, including from when you open the terminal, ssh in, and run maiden-repl?

It’s this one Ensure maiden-repl dependencies are installed and build is functional on bullseye image · Issue #1597 · monome/norns · GitHub.

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@xmacex thank you for the link.

@saiiils maiden-repl is broken in the current build but works on older builds. i’m on 220129. @bookmil what are you on?

i’ll get the deps added in the next update (long overdue)

in the meantime they can be added with apt-get


Oh dang I guess I won’t update then…

I grabbed the latest full image off of github which would be…220306

edit: I guess I could just apt-get what I need re: tehn

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I’ve got this working great, except that ssh norns always asks me for the password, because I don’t have the identity file that it’s asking for.

Would someone be up for walking me through the “follow the GitHub key instructions above” bit? The link seems to refer to adding a SSH key to the Github website, and requires you to have generated one already. Is it definitely the right link?

Okay, I figured it out after much trial and error, with much thanks to this Stack Overflow answer. Here are the steps I took on my Mac:

  1. In a terminal on your machine, go to ~/.ssh/

  2. Run the command ssh-keygen - give it a password (edit: see below - you don’t actually need to give it a password here), doesn’t matter what it is but remember it. This creates a public/private key pair locally. You can hit enter when it asks for a filename to use the default one, which is ~/.ssh/id_rsa.

  3. Run the command ssh-copy-id we@norns.local. This copies your keys over to norns so it knows who you are. You’ll need to give it your norns password (not the password you set above) - default is “sleep”. It should copy the key across and not give you an error.

  4. Make sure you’ve set up the ´.ssh/config´ file set up as detailed in the video. Mine looks like this:

Host norns
  HostName norns.local
  User we
  UseKeychain yes
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
  1. Type ssh norns into your terminal, and type in the password you set in step two. This should be the last time you need to give it a password. It’ll hopefully connect. Type exit to disconnect again.

  2. Type ssh norns into your terminal again, and this time it should connect without requiring a password.


Also see here the docs advanced access | monome/docs


This would have been tremendously helpful to see beforehand! Thanks for linking. @tyleretters you might want to link this in your original post above, to save people getting stuck like I did :slight_smile:


You don’t need to provide a passphrase here; it’s optional (and I think common practice not to, at least for my use cases). Just hit return when it prompts for text. Then you won’t be prompted when you use that key for ssh.


@radioedit link added!


Hi all, thanks for this dev setup @tyleretters, looks great!

Can anyone share what dependencies I need to apt-get to get maiden-repl working in vs-code/terminal?

Thanks :blush:

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posted this fix is to the update thread, but here it is:

sudo cp ~/norns/build/maiden-repl/maiden-repl ~/bin/

perfect, thanks @tehn :point_up:

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