Norns disk space and SD card backup/replacement

I did search, but couldn’t find an answer to this question. I found that I’m running out of diskspace. I did see that the factory Norns (ie. non-fates or DIY shield) has ~2.2gb of space for sounds.

My question is this: Do I simply unscrew the bottom of the norns and pop in a new SD card? If so, how do I format it so that it’s good to go and I don’t lose anything? I’ll back up, but my realted question for this is, if I wanted to mirror my Norns but have it on a larger SD card (32gb? 64?), what needs to be copied?


Factory Norns(es?) don’t use SD cards for storage, they use the built-in eMMC storage on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module (CM3). But you can still upgrade the storage, you just have to replace the whole CM3 with a CM3+.

I’ve done it, and it scared me a little but went without a hitch. Felt totally worth it. The largest size available is 32GB but that’s been more than enough for me.

Gory details & discussion are in this thread: Norns: CM3+ installation – the most specific instructions are here.


Ah, wonderful. I suppose all the discussion about sd cards and disk space confused me!
Thanks for that link. Looks like I’ll be opening it up!

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Oh, totally – if I was trying to figure out how to get more storage space now, “cm3+ installation” would not have been the first search terms I would have tried.

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