Norns Distortion, Captured!

Just started up unplugging charger and grid and it still started up pixelated/bit crushed.

It isn’t always distorted at startup - like others above it seems like it mostly happens when there is audio coming in when norns is starting up. However, it seems to be worse than its ever been now - now I can’t really get the audio to come through without distortion.

I have not tried a clean image install - what is that and how do i do it? Thanks!

fresh install:

for further investigation, what specific audio source are you running into norns? eg. headphone out from op-1, aux from a k-mix, etc.

Rhodes out through mixer/patch bay into norns. It has been consistent with other audio sources as well though. Did an audio out from ableton a little while ago and had the same issue.

Will try a fresh install and report back.

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So I did a clean image install. The noise seemed to get a little better, but if I turn up the gain on my interface (to get the level to about -6 db) the noise is still noticeable. Thoughts?

@dan_derks @tehn

Wait what noise ? I though you were mentioning the bit crushed type sound. Does the sound become bit crushed when you turn up the gain ?

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Yes, the bit crushed noise is still there. But no, It doesn’t become more bit crushed with more gain. Norns output is a little quiet so when boosted to a regular listening level the noise is more apparent… I’m saying the clean image install did not remove the bit crushed noise entirely.

i am compelled to diagnose hardware now, can you email ?


I’m having a similar issue with a DIY Norns shield. Certain apps or sounds within apps have what sounds like audio clipping. e.g. Dronecaster does it very consistently with Nautilus but doesn’t do it at all with Sine or Supersaw. I’ve heard it in Timber Player when I play more than about three voices and in Takt on almost any sample I’ve tried. Most apps never do it. It suggests to me that values are overflowing when signals are added together. It really doesn’t seem like a hardware issue because most apps do not have the problem.

I’ve fiddled with all the level settings, reimaged my SD card twice now and the problem persists. Kind of annoying - some interesting apps are unusable because the sound is very distorted and clipped.

Any suggestions of what to try?

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Same here mine though mine is not a bit crush type sound mine is a audible pop or crack. I have a Norns shield with the latest image and I’m using the included power supply. As it as it may sound it’s definitely a “sound” because any reverb or delay I’m using picks up the noise. I’ve changed wires and where I’m plugging it in at. No clue