Norns: DIY encoder fix


if your encoders replaced and cannot DIY, contact

symptom: encoder values are jumpy.

solution: replace the encoder. i’m still trying to identify what happened with our assembly house with certain batches, or if this is related to flaws in the actual OEM parts.

some people have requested information on fixing these, so i shot a video of how i do it:

you can get replacement parts incredibly cheaply:


I believe I recognize this norns as my own (thanks again!). I would’ve gladly DIYed that if I had seen this video first…

I had this issue and sent my norns back to you since I’m not proficient in soldering myself. It came back and was fixed which I was very thankful for but I am now having the same issue again. Are there any other options for the encoders? I’d gladly pay more money for an option that might be more robust.

are they the same encoder position having trouble again? (ie, E3?)

i’ve been looking into other parts, though there’s no promise they’re better quality. i really can’t tell if it’s simply an issue of bournes having some badly manufactured batches out there, or if they were warehoused in poor conditions, or what.

e-mail and you can ship it in again.

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So far I’m noticing it pretty bad on encoder 2 again. Originally it was encoder 2 and 3 that I was having major issues with. Unfortunately for me Im up near the arctic circle working for the next few months so I won’t be able to send it in until I get home.

I did the DIY replacement this week and can confirm as a mildy experienced DIYer it was a tedius job. I think my soldering iron wasnt hot enough to be fast about it but it’s done now and the encoder jitters are gone. So that’s a win.

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