Norns DIY Micro SD Card Size / Space Allotment post Flash

Hey all,

So I just bought a 128GB micro SD card for the DIY Norns I just built. I flashed the card with the disk image and now it only shows about 3GB available when I get info in Mac OS.

In Disk Utility it says it has a 45.2MB capacity. It was originally a ExFat format, but post flash it’s now FAT-32.

Am I not able to use larger sized cards? Don’t see how apps that can record audio files could really be utilized with such a small amount of available space on the micro SD card. Any insight on this would be appreciated.


Have you tried logging into your Pi/Norns with the SD card inserted (either by connecting a monitor & keyboard, or by ssh’ing in from another machine), running the raspi-config command, and selecting ‘Expand Filesystem’?


I haven’t. I’ll try that now. Would that show me the overall available space on the card? When trying to load audio files onto the card via dust, I’m only able to fit about 3GB.

I don’t know exactly what it does under the hood (something something partition map?) but I know it was necessary both when I installed Norns on a Pi and when I switched to a larger CM3+ in my factory Norns, in order to make all the storage space available for recordings/etc.


Yes, like @synthetivv said,
ssh we@norns.local (password sleep)
sudo raspi-config
And advanced options -> « expand the filesystem » and reboot when prompted.

Or just SSH and sudo raspi-config nonint do_expand_rootfs
And sudo reboot


Yep! That did it! Would have never have figured that out on my own. Thank you!



this is in the guide, btw:

if anyone feels that parts are missing or could be improved, please let us know or submit a PR. help future builders!


Wow, how did I overlook that. I’ve been glued to that page for the past few weeks. haha.

Thanks for pointing it out.


Awww man I got a 256GB and now bricked my 32GB SD. Any tips on getting it set up on the bigger card?

Just following up on this. Has anyone ran out of space quickly on the 32. I’m assuming the 32 GBR should be good enough for most.