Norns: dust

dust is the norns community script/engine collection.

a copy of it lives locally on the norns device. updates will bring new scripts/engines. contributions welcome via github (tutorial for contributing forthcoming).

browse the code here:

this thread is for discussion about dust:

  • questions about the scripts and engines
  • bug reports about the scripts and engines

also see general scripting questions and general help/troubleshooting


i love you brian crabtree



I don’t know what I’m more excited about: norns delivery today or being able to read through this repo tonight :heart_eyes_cat:


It would be neat to have the menu remember my place/folder cursor when i’m going into the different apps.

MAIN MENU > Select > TEHN > [tap back]
New Behavior:


agreed— this used to work so something reverted. will get it fixed

@glia lots of hands on this project, not just mine!


yeah that was just my spontaneous gush of emotion

lol i calmed down a bit
will certainly thank all the others too

especially @kelli_cain @zebra @artfwo @ngwese @jah


Where does the code for CroneEngine live? Or is that in another repo?

after jumping between lots of programming languages i initially wasn’t sure how i’d feel about lua but wow it does seem rather elegant and straightforward. looking forward to getting my norns and piecing the relation of everything together.

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in another repo, more closely dependent on the C components. will be public also in short order


There’s almost nothing to Lua. I got into it through PICO-8 and picked it up very quickly. My only bugbear with it is 1-based indexing which is sooooo silly but oh well. :blush:


I went through this Learn Lua in 15 minutes guide over the weekend and the comment the author adds when he discusses this says it all:

– Indices start at 1 !! SO CRAZY!


Will you or @tehn start some new threads for the lower level bits when they’re public, I wouldn’t mind a ‘Norns: maiden’ thread for asking questions about the architecture. Ta.

My experience has been that it’s always the languages aimed at mathematicians and other mathematical sciences that have 1-based indexing (e.g. Fortran, Matlab, Mathematica, Julia), so I’m always a bit surprised when something like Lua uses it.

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if there are enough people interested, we should def start a beginner discussion thread for learning and understanding the internal architecture of norns. as a new learner of lua and programming language in general sometimes it’s too easy to get lost in the lingo and things just going over my head, but i am really keen to start studying.


I’d love a thread like this. My only experience of code is Teletype which means I either feel a bit stupid for asking simple code questions or feel like I’m clogging a thread to the detriment of the more experienced. Can’t think of a good title though, ‘norns for non coders’ would hopefully render itself innacurate (I have every intention of becoming a code person damn it).

Right then…

Is now a good time to discuss potential issues with the existence of the lib folder? Or would it be better to wait a week or so for the the dust (hmmmm!) to settle?

(Also, is this the best thread to discuss architectural issues, or is this more of an app support thread?)

@stripes @HateNames In full agreement, as I’m in a similar position. Started mucking about with Python last week, but I feel like I need to focus my programming learning on something that will be more directly applicable to either work or music. Would love a “First Steps” kind of thread!

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@stripes @HateNames @Olivier my intention for the norns studies will be similar to TT, where no programming knowledge is assumed. they will unfold over time— will have the first one ready later this week, and i’m not yet certain how long the series will need to be. glad you all are interested!!


Amazing - can’t wait to see this unfold. As someone who just got into TT and followed along with the studies, I’m sure these will be great. I’ll likely dive into Lua first, but perhaps - in time - I’ll dive into SC as well. Such is the power of Norns!


i grabbed the github dust
i am wondering is there a way to run these scripts on linux64 without the Norns it self?
I have built SuperCollider 3.9.1 and i poked around and found Victor Bombi’s Lua2SC but i did not find anything i could successfully build for linux there.

I would love to get some stuff working on the Desktop if theres a few hints for me


yes, it requires the main norns repo which is going to be public soon.

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