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What commented out section do you refer to?

Ack voices are automatically freed on end of the AR volume envelope or cut when a new trigger is received for a running voice (voices are monophonic, basically). Gate could in some way be exposed to release voices before AR envelope is released, ie. with a new ”release” command.

I don’t consider Ack a general purpose sample player, though. Ideally, such an engine would feature a ADSR envelope for volume and gate on/off. Should be noted also that SuperCollider has a couple of UGens specific to single-cycle waveforms that might lead to better results.

Have you tried loading single-cycle waveforms in Ack?

I have, and they work great. But I’d like to control how long a note is held, and trig(voice) doesn’t do that. Maybe I’m missing something (and am assuming that is what gate would provide)?

I’m just looking on the sc definition in github. Ack fits all my other needs (good for SCW’s, built-in delay, filter and resonance control)!


@jah - this implies some other way of turning a voice on and off other than a trig. Is that possible?

On the 180906 release, Ack, Gong, and Step do not respond to my vari-bright Grid 128.

It is detected on all USB ports but the Grid does not light up and pressing pads does nothing.

The result is the same whether I start with Grid plugged in or not; and starting from sleep or from a hard reboot.

The grid does work with other scripts (e.g. Earthsea, Boiing, Flin, et al.).

Am I missing something?

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I believe these scripts might not have been updated for the new grid connection routines.

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not sure how this was missed, i apologize. i have an update on the way, will correct these scripts.

Do the scripts work if you reattach the grid? They do for me. But this should get fixed.

A new release command would effectively act as a note off or note kill command. Note thoughthat since the ack engine volume envelope has no sustain segment max attack and release time together is the longest note on duration.

FWIW - I rewrote the step grid stuff in my break_step script

All three scripts work when disconnecting and reconnecting the grid. Thanks for your help.

cool! the reason i haven’t switched over step yet is that the new way of handling grid devices do not support retrieval of connected grid’s width. (well not the last time i checked anyway)

You can get the width via grid.devices[index].cols but the index here is the device index, not the vport index, so it makes it a little more tricky. I think you’d need to compare grid.devices[index].name against grid.vport[p_index].name to be sure?

You can confirm the p_index with

gr = grid.connect()
p_index = gr.index -- gets the vport for this connection
print (p_index)

Maybe there’s a feature request here to get the device port or cols/rows added to the connect object?

EDIT: Just submitted an issue to possibly address this


obviously you don’t have to use it but this name was the first thing to enter my mind

a nigerian genre of dances and the polyrhythmic music used for ensemble perfomances (mostly drums and reeded instruments)


FYI. With Ack now has a kill command to stop a running voice/channel


Many changes and fixes to ekombi, plays a lot more like an actual instrument now. Pretty close a finished product. Just some funky things happening with grid LEDs and plenty of encoder/key realestate to make use of.


i’m a bit startled that so many of you like the name i suggested

can’t wait to try the update @Tyler :raised_hands:


I got a chance to use earthsea with a midi keyboard and there is a note offset that does not match the keyboard note keys. when I play C on the midi keyboard it comes out an A on earthsea. anyone else encounter this?

I noticed this as well, while playing around with adding midi out to Earthsea.

ok, thanks for the info. it would be great to get a fix in the next update :slight_smile:

looking at the repo again ahead of release, just wanted to thank @artfwo for taking the time to update so many of our scripts!