Norns: dust

Yea! It seems to work playing an 88 key chromatic scale in one swoop so I guess voice stealing works.

The parameters loop does work fine, I’ll clean up my comments and some of the whitespace (is there a style guide for SC?) scide put in there. I’m fond of two spaces for tabs. I’ll make a PR tomorrow

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I’ve been working on adapting my composition and interactive live processing environment called Sway to monome norns. I’ve created a single channel version which I feature in this video. Questions/comments? It’s not really a general-purpose music tool. It’s more of a highly personalized performance interface, but I’m curious what people think of it.


Oh wow, very cool, would love to try this. Also kudos for such an in-depth video.

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wow, this is really impressive. great playing too! totally understand calling this highly personalized but I would love to use/customize this in the future.

I’m assuming you built your own engine?

EDIT: this answered my question

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This looks really awesome! :exploding_head:

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This looks unreal!!!


I’d love to put this to use. Great work!

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Pull request is up from my fork for FM7

The primary feature of this branch is the addition of six ADSR envelopes, one for each operator. These parameters are exposed to matron. There is no UI outside of the PARAMETERS menu to change them.

In addition, this branch has a new UI which displays 32 DX7 algorithm drawings, 1 per page when turning encoder 1. The encoder also loads a preset which wires up the modulation matrix according to that algorithm picture. This is a WIP. It needs some new drawing functions, though the functionality to produce sounds according to these algorithms is here.

Video demo of the new screens


Amazing work. Love the GUI! Can’t wait to try this out.

This is great! Awesome work adding the envelopes. I know it’s still a wip but do the algos have feedback settings? Also, are there plans to include pmd/amd LFO?

they all have feedback settings. go into the parameters menu to control each. I have to draw the lines to indicate where feedback happens in the UI.

For example, to feedback op 6, go to Osc6 Phase Mod Osc6 param.


Just saw @carltesta’s amazing Sway script in the code review thread, and noticed the gist contains 3 .sc files in addition to the .lua file. Having never touched that part of the file system, I’m curious how I’d go about getting the script running; is it as simple as adding those .sc files to the lib folder, or a specific section within it?

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Yes, add the sc files to /dust/lib/sc and then reset the audio from the system menu. It might require a system reboot as well.


Thanks for the help! Can’t wait to try this out today.


The seven scales in Awake, what are they? checked the docs and they aren’t mentioned.


Took a look in the code:

local scale_degrees = {2,1,2,2,2,1,2}

So this means they are the modal scales and the array is shifted around with an extra counter…

So they should be
1 Dorian,
2 Phrygian,
3 Lydian,
4 Mixolydian,
5 Aeolian,
6 Locrian,
7 Ionian


Thanks @dmon much appreciated

I haven’t updated norns yet. If I point ~/dust at my fork of dust, will the update overwrite it?

it won’t overwrite .git. (or, well, it shouldn’t.) so make sure your changes are checked in / stashed and restore them after update.


So I’m vaguely starting to have thoughts/impulses towards writing a script…

IIRC if you track master on monome/dust then you can have occasional breakage if you don’t also track master on monome/norns, is that correct still?

If so, can we tag releases on dust too? That way I can rebase off them and not have to follow master. (Or alternatively can we have a release branch).

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