Norns: dust



I am in the process of completely overhauling the script management and sharing approach.

dust as a git repo will discontinue, and I’ll share details shortly.


THIS IS GREAT NEWS I’ve been hoping for a better way to manage scripts.


Was daydreaming about a kind of package manager for the norns just earlier today! It’s a notoriously hard thing to get right and can really change a software ecosystem. I feel like a git repo was a reallyy good choice while the scripts community is getting on it’s feet. I’m excited to see what comes next :slight_smile: !


I couldn’t agree more. The repo is/was wonderful, but my SELECT menu is getting crowded AF :sweat_smile:


Yikes! I’ve been thinking of similar things.

Oh wait…this means a package manager, right?


@markeats, I’m using a QuNexus keyboard with Molly + Passerby and have noticed that note-off behavior isn’t triggering correctly. for Passerby, pressing a key will register a keypress, but so will releasing – sounding two notes for every key press. for Molly, notes (and stars) will sustain indefinitely. also, for every down/up keypress, I get two stars.

I thought it might be the keyboard, but Earthsea behaves as expected, fwiw.

unsure what the exact structure of the MIDI messages from QuNexus, but anything I can tool around with on my side to help?


I noticed the same behavior triggering molly the polly with the octatrack. On the plus side the infinite sustain did make for a cool drone under the melody I was playing


I think this will be the fix:
It’s quite a simple change or you can wait for the next update which should include it


FWIW I’ve noticed weirdness from qunexus on Norns and Organelle. It usually works fine with a computer, and I keep it around for a few things (travel) here or there, but I’ve essentially demoted it


I’ve had notes sustain like that (multiple scripts) using a keystep - thanks for addressing!


A little more detail on the problem here.

The crux is that some controllers send a note-off msg, some send a note-on with velocity zero instead.

You might be able to just nab the version of midi.lua from the main norns repro and drop it in over your older one. I don’t think that will break anything.


I’m afraid I think the keystep is a different issue that seems more on arturia:


@Justmat strides is awesome! the animation reminds me of episode 8 of twin peaks the return


Thanks! I am glad that you’re enjoying it!! I should probably let people know that it’s “out there” at some point :sweat_smile:


Just discovered this - it’s wonderful, I’ve been playing with it the last two days straight. Thank you, I hope you keep developing it.


Where is it? I can’t locate it but I’d love to try it.


You can get it from the Monome/dust repo!

edit for vid:


This is so readable, love your style.


Thanks! My day job office hours are a bit exhausting until the new year. Hoping to get back into FM7 dev in the coming months.


Here is the markdown documentation for strides!