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it’s a code issue. not in itself hard to fix (in fact the click is sort of a deliberate regression) but underlying that we need to save CPU overall

added comment to this issue
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(actively working on this)


that’s serious DC offset all right - very weird.

attempting to isolate, i tried to produce DC offset in the norns through other ways, but had no luck. my main suspect was the analog input / monitor route, since its hard to imagine how DC could be added in the digital path. (wonky implementation of GrainBuf?) i couldn’t detect any just passing ADC through to the tape, nor with sinewaves, but there was some using PolyPerc (awake). possibly that’s the real cause, and the DC in the samples was being amplified by the grains. (there was also DC present in the original sample for the previous case.)

we could certainly add an HPF on the output bus, but i don’t love this as a bandaid without understanding the underlying issue.


i’ll do some checking on the circuit— it’d be very unexpected to have a ton of DC coming in on the inputs…


its definitely not coming from the inputs for my proto, that’s just something i wanted to eliminate


So aside from hacking at some html in a Wordpress template, I have zero coding experience. I would love to take Norns mlr and add a page that is basically Norns step bundled inside mlr. Is it crazy to think that this is something I might be able to do? Perhaps when a more mature version of Norns mlr is out in the world?


@zebra @tehn the signal is modular -> pedals -> elektron heat -> norns ins.

Would it be beneficial if I uploaded a short sample from the heat into my interface, and the same signal chain tape recorded through Norns?


sure thing. i just double-checked mine with this same process and no DC seen. slightly concerned it’s a hardware issue with some sort of defect but crazy it wouldn’t have been caught during testing— i tested the inputs with a full-range sine tone which certainly would’ve clipped with DC.

can you do a simple test:

  • make a simple sine tone with whatever gear, pretty hot signal
  • feed it directly to the input (mono is fine)
  • turn on a script that makes no noise, like playfair w/o any triggers on
  • turn LEVEL monitor down
  • start tape recording
  • turn LEVEL monitor up, hold for a few seconds, then down, wait a second
  • stop tape recording

this would clearly indicate a DC issue on the inputs by showing DC jump up when you turn up the monitor


(I converted to mp3 in iTunes to be under the file size)


luckily, as you can see, the file is fine. there is no DC offset. so i guess you’ll need to slowly attach the rest of your gear to figure out what’s making the offset


@tehn I think awake is introducing the dc offset. note that these recordings are not tape, but from audio outs from norns into my interface (and ableton):

this is just awake (the spectrum analyzer in ableton shows bass frequencies that aren’t present audibly to me

this one is the modular from the audio ins, then the high pitch stuff is seven buffers of glut (which is granularized awake-only samples from tape). I couldn’t get the channel to cut out this time, but it does have a bunch of low frequencies present as soon as the glut part of things start.

also just want to be clear, this is not a big blocker for me or anything!


i will investigate the awake engine!


this was my (tentative) conclusion also.
looking now, i see the problem (in polyperc), PR’d


Any reason the emb folder is no longer in the dust repo? I could only get elcos.lua to be usable really, but just curious.



i was also wondering about the tempo and quantization inside mlr. the set tempo of mlr seems to have no effect on the loops and the alt-focus doesn’t seem to toggle tempo follow.

also, sorry to sound so vague but the quantization feels very odd. setting the divisions to 16, as i used to do in re/mix and mlrv, feels very different. is anyone else having this experience? it could very well be me.

and finally, is there a way to set a pattern recorder length? as in, set a pattern to record one or two measures worth of button presses and loop automatically?

thank you very much anyone with tips regarding mlr. really hope i could eventually use norns mlr as the center of my live setup.


@kin.sventa i need to make a video to demonstrate tempo following

i’ll add quantization of pattern record start/stop which should allow locked timings, but a set record length isn’t impemented. it wouldn’t be hard to do.

like i said, there’s a lot i’d like to fix/add/change with mlr… it’s coming… along with the rest of the studies and new scripts and a whole lot of infrastructure things you can’t really see that make everything work better


Regarding the quantization, try setting it to four. I think the quantization divisions are per beat based on tempo. I don’t have it in front of me, so sorry if that isn’t correct…


thank you, i’l try it out. and thank you @tehn for for all your hard work.


And make sure Q is lit, otherwise quantization on press is ignored.


running into a bug where ch1 of mlr won’t record my input but ch 2-4 work fine. resetting with the bottom button usually gets it working.

seems pretty random but it’s been happening quite frequently. is anyone else having this issue at all?

i’ll pay closer attention to what i’m doing that may be causing it…


yeah i have had variations of this too. but with me it is usually channel 1 records to tracks 1 & 3 and channel 2 to 3 & 4. happens at random and corrects itself at random, or at least i have not detected a pattern.