Norns: dust



yes, this is a known problem and i’m working on it. i apologize for the trouble.

are you able to just use SLEEP and reboot normally?

FYI all the bottom button is a “hard reset” which is cutting power on a computer. not suggested unless there’s a crash. it should never fix anything, and will likely only cause more problems.


… up to and including corrupting the filesystem, say if you are currently recording with TAPE.

use “sleep” function to shut down and reboot the computer safely. bottom button is very rude, for last resort if the system is totally unresponsive.


regarding the quantisation and locked timings on button presses in mlr - would it be possible for the user to switch on/off this mode? The reason being is i don’t want anything synced / locked at all and synced button presses would kill the type of music make. I love odd pattern timing based on my bad keyboard presses in Earthsea :slight_smile: - it makes it more human. I don’t have norns just yet, so apologies if i have jumped the gun on something that might already be implemented. Syncing, resets, quantisation are all swear words for me - it would be nice to have the option to switch on/off :slight_smile:


quantization not obligatory for mlr patterns


it’s all on a toggle.


For bug fixes (like polyperc’s DC fix), will those show up on a Norns system update, or do we update the dust stuff ourselves?


dust does get updated along w/ system updates. if you’re eager though (and friendly with git), you can definitely fetch the latest yourself. do note that some new bits may depend on changes to the norns repo too – though maybe not this time? dunno… (i’d just give it a whirl and revert if things go sideways.) . oh, and if you do sync, be sure to ./ and ./ so the engine changes get reloaded.


oh. just looked at this one. what a simple fix. cool! if this is what’s most pressing, you might also just shell in and edit lib/sc/ directly…


Great, thanks! I’m definitely handy with git. My main concern is any update chaos that would happen if I start pulling changes and uploading them to my Norns manually. What’s the update logic when installing a Norns image? Does it simply overwrite any file deemed “factory”?


any recommendation on how to include speed mod tweaks in the pattern recorders?


you mean recording knob movement? i have an idea how that would work— let me test it out first.

yes, the update will overwrite any file that you’ve edited that’s tracked in the repo. it won’t touch untracked files, so if you want to keep something you’ve edited be sure to rename the file



pretty exciting if you figure it out


I really enjoy Earthsea and after playing for a while I’ve been pondering a few additions:

  • More than one recordable loop. Ability to independently start and stop loops.
  • ability to transpose each loop buffer independently. Potentially simultaneously, though I don’t know if there’s a ui that would make sense for that.

Any thoughts or other ideas? I’ve got a lot of in progress creative projects right now, so it might take a while to find the time to actually sit down and do this…so if anyone wants (or already has) started running with stuff like this, let me know, I’d be excited to try things out!


I’m still exploring fiddling with the audio parameters on n-earthsea, then recording it to different tapes, then layering them in glut.


by “n-earthsea” do you just mean the (standard) norns earthsea in dust right now, as opposed to the module?

Sounds like a very cool process!


Yes, I’ve unilaterally elected to describe the Earthsea script on Norns as n-earthsea because like Sparrowhawk I like it when things have True Names.


Preach it! In twenty chars


I feel like I’m missing something with n-earthsea, can anyone point me to a video showing off it’s capability? I haven’t gotten into the looping for example.


n-earthsea needs a grid (although I’ve hacked together a version that supports midi for patterns)
Top left button starts recording a pattern.
Start recording and hit some buttons.
Hit pattern start again when you’re ready to end the pattern
2nd from top lefmost button starts/stops the pattern
Bottom row transposes the pattern


Not exactly sure how to replicate this bug every time but when I try to load samples into MLR from tape once I start playing the track my grid will go crazy lighting up/flickering all over and then I get a crash. I’m going to try to replicate with a video for clarity

edit: im using a vari-bright 128 2018