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I apologize if I am posting in the wrong thread.

Im having some issues operating some of the scripts installed on Norns.
the main one I am having problem with is Invocer:
it does not seem to do anything.screen is black, controller on Norns do not seem to affect the sound.Same when pushing pads on Grids.


this script is a work in progress included by mistake, please disregard until an update is available.


I have been feeding an external signal of course.Nothing happens.What am I possibly doing wrong?


sorry, i don’t know. one row is gate toggles and you won’t hear anything if they are off.

i deleted the scripts so that i wouldn’t have to answer questions about them :slight_smile:

[i’m deleting my comment to let brian’s stand as the definitive answer to the question.]


Not sure if it would be possible to implement but a click track on the monitoring through headphones would be reallly cool on mlr. Not a deal breaker because even in its infancy norns is amazing. Can’t wait to see what the future holds though


A strummable chord sequencer made totally in lua. Uses the existing KarplusRings engine.


very cool! would love to get some chord generation methods integrated into musicutil.lua


About MLR, the tempo doesn’t work for me, or i don’t understand how it work :frowning:
i record a sound and a pattern, then change the tempo but nothing is changing.
any idea please ?

Ok edit : the toggle need to be active ! sorry…


Please search this thread

  • type “tempo” into the search field
  • check the box marked “search this topic”

Sorry if this comes across as rude but a few others have asked the same question


i did but it wasn’t clear (for me) sorry man.


a possible alternative is for us to migrate issue tracking over to github. in an ideal world, that’d probably be my preference.


It’s cool

I’m glad you asked


Sorry but i don’t find anything about it, i have a strange bitcrusher on mlr when the tempo toggle is activate for a loop. like if the audio interface was buggy. any idea or something about it please ?
if fact this crushy sound disappear if put the tempo to 240bpm… strange,
i tryed to reload MLR or power cycle norns , but nothing better


Its just the way it behaves. Ive been seeing this as a nice thing as it kind of gives it its own character. I think the reason why you may be hearing it on the extreme end of the spectrum is that the length of the loop is possibly a big division away from what mlr has the tempo set to. If you load a 4 bar loop thats recorded 75bpm and set mlr to 75bpm and set the length of the track thats playing the loop to 4 bars you won’t be hearing the change in audio that you’re experiencing.


I’m not sure it’s something wanted, because the effect is really really not nice… i’ll do a video to be sure we speake about the same thing :wink:
actually at 127BPM , “normal speed” (i mean speed toggle at the center) the bitcrusher effect is horrible, and in the all spectre of the sound.


Hey, let’s talk clocks!

I threw together a “beatclock” object that wraps up switching between an internal bpm clock and an externally triggered clock, and put it into playfair so it can sync to external MIDI input. About ready to PR it. Here’s the general idea:

I see that @audionerd added MIDI clock output to playfair and awake – awesome!

Anyone else doing any clock work that we ought to coordinate? I was thinking I’d roll both input and output into a separate “midi clock management” class that handled clock input/output source selection in parameters, and hooked events to the beatclock class.


@Dewb very cool!
i added a basic midi clock to mlr as well. it’s in a github pr.
awake and playfair were easy because they are very similar. they trigger from a single metro, which i could speed up to 24 ppqn to send a consistent clock signal.
some of the other scripts (i’m thinking of flin) have more complicated timing routines and will take a little more work to be clock-able.


Really amazing what you’ve done with norns in such a short time. Would love to have a mess around with these


yes! @artfwo has also been talking about a generalized clock system. perhaps best we design on the git issue

@mDang i’ll write up a concise tempo map tutorial later when i have a norns nearby (on the move right now with phone)

Norns: Development

Thanks. My ultimate goal is to bring a next generation keytar to the masses, by hammering a norns and grid to a plank of wood. . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: