Norns encoder resolution

Hello friends I’m wondering if it is possible to change the encoder resolution to a higher amount system wide? On my norns I am unable to set params to exact numbers quite often.

have you tried holding down K3 for fine adjustments on parameter edit pages?

increment scaling varies depending on how parameters are defined. but for example, on system level parameters the fine-tuning resolution is 0.01dB…

maybe worth specifying if there are particular script parameters that seem difficult to dial in.

to literally answer your question: not really… you can decrease the sensitivity so that it takes a larger physical movement to produce a single encoder tick. i believe the relevant sensitivity settings for all menu pages are here, where it is also possible to enable or disable acceleration.


That is helpful. I didn’t know about using k3 for fine adjustment. On system settings though this would be more the issue now that I’m aware of k3 in scripts for fine adjustments.

So if I wanted to make edits I’m guessing I’d be decreasing the values? I’d have to do this after every system update I’m guessing.

This discussion might be useful:

And this script can help you tell if the issue is jumpy encoders and it will allow you to experiment with changing the values before editing files:

Also it matters which hardware you’re running, because the fates versions really benefit from this addition (not needed on norns):


it’s a little counterintuitive, but if memory serves (please correct me @tehn @dan_derks if i am wrong,) the encoder sensitivity value is inverted: it is the number of physical code deltas it takes to register one logical delta in software. so e.g. when menu mode sets E1 sensitivity to 8, it takes a big turn to move the value (which is desirable for E1 in menu mode because it changes the current page.)

so if your issue is that you find yourself skipping over desired parameter values, you would want to decrease sensitivity by increasing the values. also you could try turning off the acceleration flag, which when enabled translates faster movements to bigger deltas.

if you determine that this is really what you want to do, i believe a mod could monkey-patch _menu.set_mode, writing over the encoder sensitivity settings after calling the original function. (mod development is covered extensively elsewhere, maybe someone else can help develop a simple mod for customizing sensitivity.)

but i’d give it another go now that you know about K3. again, the way each parameter is declared is significant and can be tricky to get right. so if there are particular script or system params that seem difficult to dial in, best call them out explicitly.

finally i concur that it’s a good idea to check for jumpy encoders, particularly on unmodded fates hardware. with an added caveat that i often see people misinterpreting the output of that test: sharing traces as aberrant which seem perfectly normal to me.


i missed this and i think i might have misunderstood. i’m talking about changing parameters from the PARAMETERS > EDIT page. this applies to params added by scripts or by the system. holding K3 decreases the input delta per encoder tick by a factor of 100. if you are talking about something else - say, moving sliders on the MIX page - then that is a different thing that i have to think about. helpful to be specific…

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