Norns External Drives Behabour

As I mention on my post of Norns Web File Manager, the way Norns manage external drives is not the best (at least for me).
Norns software has several folders inside /media (usb, usb0, usb1,usb2…), these folders exist even any external drive is connected, for the end-user is difficult to find a specific USB or even know if the system are recognizing the external drive.
I´ve made a way that this behavior changes, at a start point /media is empty (no external drives = no folders), when an external drive is connected the system recognizes it (including the name of the drive), next automount the drive on /media/"Name_of_the_Drive+sda1
When the user extracts the external drive the system umount the drive and erase the /media/"Name_of_the_Drive+sda1 folder.

I made the changes in my Nors and works really well, I posted the code in GitHub.
There are 3 files, two of them overwrites the Norns stock files and other is a script to manage the external drives mount sequence.


This is the actual /media/ folder… no external drives connected :face_with_head_bandage: