norns 'first light' web-workshop [Oct 24 2021 @ 11a Eastern US]

we are in such a fantastic period for community-driven norns learning – from the Music Hackspace workshops with @jaseknighter + @infinitedigits (originally pioneered by @tyleretters), to the staggering + joyful explorations of the norns study group project: p2p pirate radio, to the recently-launched peer-tutoring program through the norns study discord.

alongside these developments, the text-based docs + studies have been steadily reworked to reflect the continuous process of learning about learning + how to frame the norns project in ways that feel exciting, approachable, and reflective of the beauty the community has manifested with it.

so, an offering to the gods of momentum: monome is hosting a live video-chat walkthrough of the newly-revised first light study. the goal remains the same – helping the musician discover the power of utilizing and editing a few lines of code, and to show the programmer that sound can be explored playfully.

when: October 24 2021 @ 11a Eastern US
where: video hangout, details to follow
cost: none
signup: first light: pre-workshop q's (will be capped to 20)
requirements: a norns, connected to wifi ahead of time, and basic familiarity with maiden
perfect for: total beginners who want to better understand how norns scripts do what they do

hope to see some of y’all there :slight_smile: :fallen_leaf:


Thanks @dan_derks

Just signed up for the 1am session (living in Australia can stink with regards to these and the Music Hackspace workshops, but it’s better than the 5am session I did with @jaseknighter :joy:)

Looking forward to digging a little deeper into First Light.


just a small bump – registration will close at 11a Eastern tomorrow (Saturday, Oct 23), so if you wanted to join us, please sign up in the next 16 hours :clock11: :gem: :skateboard:

stoked to see everybody!! i’ll be emailing participants around noon tomorrow with a link for Sunday :slight_smile:


@dan_derks any chance of a round 2 for this thing? I’d really like to join, but it seems likely that it’d run into some immovable plans on Sunday.


I make it 4pm UK time, which seems like a very sociable time :slightly_smiling_face:


oh, no worries! yes, we will be doing more regular sessions following :slight_smile:


Wonderful idea!

Will you be recording this for later ingestion?

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Wonderful idea, unfortunately, I do have a hard stop after 2 hours. Is it OK to participate nevertheless?
EDIT: Just saw in the signup form that the workshop runs for about 75 min – that’s perfect!


I would LOVE to join for the next session, whenever it is. This is a great iniciative. Please, repeat this.


Just wanted to say thank you again to everyone for making this happen. Separated by hundreds/thousands of miles (and numerous time zones) but united by curiosity, community and technology. What a truly inspiring way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


Thanks to everyone that joined and asked all the right questions before I could come up with them.
You are all able to multitask to a degree that I only can dream of.
Big thanks for making this possible to the three musketiers of the day!
Dan, Tyler and Jonathan.

@dan_derks, @tyleretters and @jaseknighter.
(ok just learned something else today: this is the way to add names online)


Also a big thanks from me for making this happen (and having such a nice group), this was very helpful for me to get back into norns after a 3 year hiatus!


Thanks everyone! SUPER inspired and feeling a lot more confident in manipulating scripts/code.

@jaseknighter while I probably SHOULD have gone to bed, I ended up downloading the Crow Studies and already have a basic framework for my use case by editing and cobbling a few things together. So empowering.

Thank you @dan_derks @tyleretters along with all the participants for sharing your input.


I’ve been playing with softcut in Awake for over an hour because I couldn’t choose between diving into the Cheat Codes 2 lessons or playing with oooooo… and because it’s such absurd amounts of fun! I can’t believe I was so apprehensive of this amazing little box. My brain sometimes hits odd obstacles whereby, having seen (and heard) what others were able to do with it, the fear of not being able to do it myself becomes slightly overwhelming. It’s an entirely irrational self-defence mechanism based upon “you can’t fail if you never try” which I always manage to overcome eventually but it’s incredibly frustrating & I can’t explain how valuable workshops like todays are to the process!


Thanks for running such a useful and responsive workshop.

I feel like I’ve got a better understanding of the core elements and some starting points for playing my way into understanding more.


Lovely to meet you, Ed & thanks again for solving my 128 Midigrid setup issue (/user error). My regards to the land of the Pleasure Beach and Golden Mile!


it’s so heartening to read all these enthusiastic messages – i’m so glad that everyone’s feeling stoked by how much cool stuff they made today!! :sunny:

i just wanted to thank everybody for bringing such remarkable levels of exploratory energy to the session and, most importantly, to each other. it was really such a deep honor to watch y’all share your recipes for engine commands, softcut squiggles, and sequins iterators after each experimentation chunk. though y’all had very different goals and curiosities, it was so so rad to see you fill in blanks for each other and how everyone brought others along with them in their individual enthusiasms.

mega piles of gratitude to @tyleretters + @jaseknighter for giving their time, warmth, expertise and keen-eyed assistance :sparkles: :rainbow: :gem:

i’ll be emailing y’all individually tomorrow, to chart out what’s next and to gather your feedback on your experiences today :slight_smile:

i’m very excited for what lies ahead in your explorations!!


Adding my thanks to @dan_derks, @tyleretters and @jaseknighter for organising and running the session, and my fellow seekers of demystification for all the contributions and ideas.

There were a definite couple of ‘lightbulb moments’ for me which, I hope, will boost my confidence in undertaking further explorations!


My head is still swimming with ideas from yesterday’s workshop! Thank you for your instruction and inspiration @dan_derks, @tyleretters and @jaseknighter and thank you to the group for the thoughtful conversation!

Today will be a day of exploring sequins, sequins, sequins… a.k.a. Project: PEZ


I wasn‘t able to join in but I‘m reading through the norns studies again and the additional examples and explanations are amazing! They answer so many questions, thank you!