norns 'first light' web-workshop [Oct 24 2021 @ 11a Eastern US]

we are in such a fantastic period for community-driven norns learning – from the Music Hackspace workshops with @jaseknighter + @infinitedigits (originally pioneered by @tyleretters), to the staggering + joyful explorations of the norns study group project: p2p pirate radio, to the recently-launched peer-tutoring program through the norns study discord.

alongside these developments, the text-based docs + studies have been steadily reworked to reflect the continuous process of learning about learning + how to frame the norns project in ways that feel exciting, approachable, and reflective of the beauty the community has manifested with it.

so, an offering to the gods of momentum: monome is hosting a live video-chat walkthrough of the newly-revised first light study. the goal remains the same – helping the musician discover the power of utilizing and editing a few lines of code, and to show the programmer that sound can be explored playfully.

when: October 24 2021 @ 11a Eastern US
where: video hangout, details to follow
cost: none
signup: first light: pre-workshop q's (will be capped to 20)
requirements: a norns, connected to wifi ahead of time, and basic familiarity with maiden
perfect for: total beginners who want to better understand how norns scripts do what they do

hope to see some of y’all there :slight_smile: :fallen_leaf:


Thanks @dan_derks

Just signed up for the 1am session (living in Australia can stink with regards to these and the Music Hackspace workshops, but it’s better than the 5am session I did with @jaseknighter :joy:)

Looking forward to digging a little deeper into First Light.