Norns for laptops

OK, so that means this effort will pretty clearly be a hard fork of the norns codebase, with the explicit goal of OS X compatibility.

Certainly an understandable goal, but I hope it doesn’t represent a distraction from efforts to evolve the native norns platform.

Yea, it pretty much would be. I’m perceiving the motivation behind doing an emulation-type environment or linux-only would be the ability to go with a more setups in regard to sound engines or complete reworks of the hardware. That makes sense. My mindset going in was just to get the “default” configuration running. I’m assuming this is where the community is heading, but I could be wrong. If the community moves toward a different direction than SuperCollider then things would have to be re-thought. It’s obviously just extremely early. In my mind, there’s also certainly no harm in approaching the problem in multiple directions, and just seeing what works best.

I don’t think it’s so much of a mass movement in a different direction, but I do think there are going to be folks that want to try alternatives to Lua for the control layer (been having some fascinating conversations with @mzero about the difference between strong polymorphic typing and dynamic typing, and those conversations suggest some alternative languages), and a few who might prefer Pd to Supercollider (more for reasons of using legacy patches than because of any technical advantage). And I’d personally love to see some effort put into making these choices “easy” for the end-user (as they will be less than easy for the bleeding edge folks that attempt it at first).

Sure. Just want to keep in mind that we may not have the time/resources to explore everything that is possible. But that will inevitably work itself out one way or another.

But I do expect that we’ll see both vagrant and native OS X implementations of norns eventually. vagrant more for dev purposes than anything else, and OS X for folks that just want to benefit from the community’s creative contributions using hardware they already own.


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