NORNS GB & Ireland Crew

Hey team NORNS

I live hear in London and have dived in with wanting to understand and create with Norns. I have no level of experience with Coding but 10 years of experience in Dj’ing and Producing (Techno), having self released my last 3 EP’s. I’ve now come to a point of wanting to learn a new way of creating, thus Norns being integrated into my set up (Machinedrum/Octatrack/Korg Prologue/ Oto Bim + Bam, Soundcraft epm12, Yamaha hs05). I was hoping anyone else in London might want to meet up and Generally chat about Norns and musical creativity over a few beers? I’d love to learn more through this way, on top of this already growing scene on here of which I’m taking in as much as I can.



Not a londoner per se but spending a fair bit of time down there these days working. Be nice to meet up with some fellow Norns users (& other electronic) musicians some time - if you manage to arrange a meetup and I’m around I’d love to join in

Let’s keep in touch here and if we gather a few more we can arrange a NORNS meet?

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yeah cool (& 20 characters - ugh)

Belfast based but if i can overlap it with a trip to London I’m in.

Cool cool either way maybe we can pool together on here in support of each other and general Norns creative chat/videos?

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yeah - was just thinking - this last round of Norns was the third? presuming each has been a batch of 100 then there are only 300 Norns people globally - wonder how many are in the UK? guessing it is relatively small?

(I’m in the most recent batch so don’t actually have it yet but I’ve been working on a rPi/Push2 DIY version)

As yourself I’m also on this 3rd batch order, I’ll also look to get the Grid when it’s avail. We can let each other know of it’s arrival and any issues we hopefully don’t have with post

so just bought a grid (second hand) - that was really easy - from the EU. Also bought an Ansible - the trek via US and then UK post was painful to say the least. It spent 3 days in Chicago airport for no apparent reason. Overall I think it took 3-4 weeks :frowning: (edit - it also “disappeared” from the tracking for a couple of days when it first got to the UK - I think customs are very slow updating the computer - had me worried for a moment)

Top tip - when it cleared customs I contacted @parcelforce on twitter and they gave me the code (they normally send you this in a snail mail letter!!!) directly so I could pay customs online. For the Ansible it was £50 all in customs and charges.

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Yes, London (Islington) and nornsed… love to meet, chat, drink. Not delved into any coding with Norns yet but enjoying the dust that we have. Also have axoloti and a nord micro modular which I want to delve back into.


Hey Richard I’m your Borough Neighbor over in Hackney :sunglasses: I’ll let you know when my Norns has arrived and I’d love to meet up over a beer? I have never coded but will start to learn to aid me though I’ll get onto the lessons avail on here.

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I ordered one from this last batch too! Great initiative to organise this :clap:

No worries I thought we could initially meet up in time but for now we can introduce and get to know each other on here. I know myself I’m always interested to see and understand others way of creation and output.

Am still considering purchase but have a grid plus ansible and North London based. Would love to be part of any ‘crew’ formation…

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additionally we can offer our respective support in the experience we have. For instance if anyone wants any advice on starting an independent label to release their record other than bandcamp I can offer my experience on this along with how I like to produce.

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I’ll be looking for support on the Grid please. I’ll take the time to read up as much as I can of course but their are always little other points to note I find.

Keep me posted if there is a crew meet. I’m in Liverpool but travel to London a lot. I’ve done quite a bit of coding on the Norns now ( Kayan and KarplusRings are mine, plus loads of WIP on my insta @jonpauldavies ) and have learned a lot I can share.


Dude awesome! I’d love to pick your brains about what you’ve coding. Loved the insta vibes

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Cool - not entirely sure what I can offer but will do.

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Grid /Ansible user based in Bethnal Green. Not a Norns owner yet, but I’d love to eavesdrop.