NORNS GB & Ireland Crew


No not comparing just understanding you know, thanks man. For the sake of achieving my planned output of releases i’ll Go with my octatrack plan (been studying it for a year so happy to keep that in my plan) and thus I can use the Norns as is and learn coding etc in slow time


Future Meet up point here in Hackney?


Not in Hebden, but there is Hibernate records in Halifax, Fuse art space in Bradford, Cafe Ollo and the music Uni in Huddersfield that have good experimental music presence. I think Monome Brian played there a few months ago…


Where is that? 20 char


Lower Clapton it’s the downstairs of my local bar


Exploring Norns here in Stamford Hill.

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Nice I’ll just wave now as I pass through to Tottenham :muscle:

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Hey Everyone their seems to be a few of in here now so would a meet n greet be in order in the beginning of Nov before Xmas madness starts? The place would be the mermaid here in East London as per the pic I shared. Thought the initial meet can be an intro and general vibe out and going forward we can discuss Norns / rigs/ creativity ?


Sounds good to me - I’d be up for that.

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I’ll look into a date and I know i’ll Not be able to work to everyone’s plans so i’ll Set one soon if that’s cool and hopefully you can make it and if not their is always next time


I’m in NE London. No Norns but have Teletype + ansible. Super busy at the moment but would love to join if I can.

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No worries Ghost, I’ll look at a good date and talk to the pub to make sure it’s cool and will send date out on here


I will wanna pick ya ears about the ansible


Bethnal Green based modular techno guy here. Seriously considering Norns and teletype to go with my (majority Mannequins and NE) rig.

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My norns arrives imminently so you’re welcome to come check it out soon. I’m just up mare Street from you dude


I’ll take you up on that dude, cheers. All I get from my friends is blank looks when I talk about this stuff.

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No worries I make techno too so I’m interested in your modular myself


Message me, let’s get a pint :+1::+1::+1:


London meet…any dates???


Hey Zedkah,

I’ve met up with a couple of dudes on here and one of those I was able to set up a space in my place. So come the new year I’ll look to do the same and have a bunch of us at mine now I have a small dedicated room we can set up each persons rig and have a furkle and have some beers n pizza

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