Norns, Grid: plugging power? [SOLVED]

quick question for a new comer to Monome land - when playing at home, should I keep the power supply plugged in, or run from the battery in normal operation? conscious of trying to ensure maximum battery life in the Norns, and also that it drains relatively quickly when the Grid and wifi nub are in play.

any thoughts/advice welcome


keep it plugged in, and think of the battery as a failsafe for when it gets moved around or unplugged


much appreciated. just didn’t want to be killing the battery life for when not near a socket


well, i guess if you really want to optimize capacity over long term, it would be best to run from battery for a little while before shutting down, so it isn’t stored at full charge all the time.

but a) deep discharges are not so good either, b) as you’ve seen, it’s not really designed to power hungry peripherals for extended use in the first place.

thanks for bringing it up


While on the subject of power supply, I just want to make 100% sure I’m not damaging anything when plugging Norns into Norwegian socket of 230 V, 50 Hz?

the included wall supply is compatible, yes, as stated on the back on the supply. you just need a plug adapter.

norns needs 5v DC (USB) minimum 2 amp (may run at lower with possible problems)


Thanks! Will receive my norns+grid any day now. Can’t wait !