Norns & Grid power (?) bug

I don’t think this expected behavior, and I don’t think it used to happen, but if I have my Norns on, even running no scripts (fresh from booting up), and I then plug in my Grid, the Norns immediately turns off. If I power the Norns on with the Grid already plugged in, everything works just fine. It’s only when the Grid is unplugged, and then plugged in while the Norns is on. The Grid and Norns were bought new direct from Monome about a month ago, and the Norns is on the latest software. I don’t see anything printed in matron when it happens, but it could be that any error messages generated aren’t fully fired off / received by matron before the machine turns off and the messages are lost. The Norns is unplugged, pretty full battery, pretty empty disk, etc.

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After about a year with my Norns I received a grid from Monome last week and have noticed the same behavior.

I’ve had this happen before, but only when I’m not using the power supply. If it’s plugged in I don’t seem to have the issue.

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i am sorry to say this is a power design challenge. grids have a substantial inrush current at plug, so if the battery is solely providing and it’s not totally full or potentially aging (?) it can’t keep up.

my general suggestion is not to hotplug the grid when powering norns via battery. if you need this in performance, use an extra battery pack.

apologies for the bad news. there’s a hack you can do on your grid pcb, but it will likely increase LED noise.


No worries! I had thought that it was new behavior as I hadn’t seen it happening before (and I have horrible luck with breaking my equipment :zipper_mouth_face:), but I must’ve been plugged in to wall power those other times I hot-plugged the grid. Thanks for confirming!