*norns + grid* recipes

norns + grid recipes

we’ve started collecting starting points for common grid interactions to help spark inspiration, clarify ambiguity, and try to share some approachable best practices.

each are written following these “house” techniques:

  • use flags to determine when to redraw the grid
  • use tables to track flag states and grid coordinates
  • query flag states at 30fps and only redraw when things change


this isn’t an exhaustive survey, so please add your own as a PR to the docs github repo.

the DNA of a recipe:

  • a summary/suggested use-case for the interaction
  • annotated code
  • a couple of challenges for folks to extend the interaction

GIFs are all made with @Tyler’s super-helpful GridCapture library:


ask q’s! share work!

please feel free to ask questions about any of the techniques + share your approaches to the “try this” challenges at the end of each of the stock recipes.



:heart_eyes: These are gorgeous!


Great work, thank you for these. The “momentary” table approach is really elegant.

I wish this could be navigable from within a tab in maiden even if its probably beyond the responsibilities of maiden… i did already have a fairly unsuccessful stab at a side-by-side code and api docs layout, before realising i could effectively get a similar setup without much work with ssh and VS Code

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These are so helpful!
I would love to see a chapter of studies showing examples of SC engines integration and explaining possible ways of encorporating them into scripts.
Thank you @dan_derks for making this more approachable for noobs like us!


we’re in the process of slightly revising the SC layer in general (we’re calling this 3.0) so a study (and norns circle) will be forthcoming upon completion of the update.


Really nice looking and useful doc + studies. Hope to play with these soon. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Aye these just made a dev task I had for this afternoon (long press + short press to copy and paste) a piece of cake. Thank you so much for sharing.

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