norns / habitus workshop at monome [sept 24-25 2022]

ooo yay nat!! super stoked you got it sorted!

also, just because the question came up, the nighttime performance is totally open to the public – so if folks nearby just wanna come and hang outside of the workshop event, it’d be super rad to see y’all!


What’s the estimated travel time by bike from France you think?


Would love to cycle from Scotland to this too…:frowning:


after speaking with dan, i can say with confidence that there will be an iteration of the norns/habitus workshop in portland sometime next year. i also think it is very possible that workshops can be scheduled next year somewhere in europe.

by the end of this year we should be able to provide more concrete details. please stay tuned!



You’re aware Montpellier is a very nice town near the Mediterranean with only 60 days of rain per year surrounded by beautiful landscapes right? Thought I’d point it out.


just signed up! excited to see some familiar names IRL. i know little to nothing about coding but coming in with open ears and mind.

( dan i’ll bring that crow i’ve been meaning to send back :wink: )


stoked to have you!
with your enrollment, we’re officially sold out for the workshop! eeeee!
thank you all for engaging with this idea so enthusiastically – it’s going to be a blast.


Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday <3


YES! I had a lot of obligations and missed out on registration (not sure if I could have committed) but I SO wanted to attend the performances in the evening, roughly a 90 minute drive or so from the Hudson Valley, and I am SO stoked that you posted this - I was just about to email you!


Wishing you all a great meet-up!

I’d love to be there with you folks but unfortunately I’m at a unreasonable traveling distance…
Happy coding, exploring, making music :heart:


beautiful performances last night from @jaseknighter and @dan_derks

below, caption: “jonathan, it’s a full house. everyone is so friendly. what do we do?”


randomly snapped a pic of us hard at work writing norns scripts :slight_smile:


i have so many great things to say about this weekend i don’t even know where to start

  • amaaaaazing social weekend with you all! I treasured getting to meet yet more of y’all face-to-face and work together. that was legitimately the most socializing i’ve done in the past like 6 months put together and I couldn’t have asked for a better crew of people to do that with

  • wow those performances from @dan_derks and @jaseknighter last night were gorgeous. so many people and such great cozy friendly energy in the space.

  • @tehn , @kelli_cain , that stew was sublime, food highlight of the month probably

  • extremely impressed with how the building is coming along

  • y’all successfully kickstarted me into cooking up a new script for the first time in a while - thanks :slight_smile:

Just feeling so much gratitude and love for you all… I hope that’s coming through the page!!! <3 ahhh

can’t wait to see the pics as they come through! i have a couple but i haven’t pulled them off my camera yet


restream on twitch of yesterday’s live performance by me and dan at luckdragon starting noooowwwwww!!!


so happy to catch this, beautiful performance


feedback from the workshop @carltesta :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


ugh, such a joy to meet some of you in person! thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful weekend.

we meditated together on the concept of a musical notation for frequency detection, which led me to writing this tiny scriptlet. I don’t think I’ll put it into Maiden, but I’ll talk about it here :slight_smile:


My notational language was designed with two players in mind, one with some sound-generating instrument and the other with this norns script.
It had just three commands: capture, release and wait.
Time could be specified with numbers to count, and maybe “memory banks” as well; the catchnrelease script provides four. Both players receive a score written with these three instructions.

To capture means to listen—with the Norns script this is accomplished by plugging in a sound source into at least the Left input and toggled by pressing K2.

To release means to play—the non-Norns player has the ability to release without first capturing, but on the Norns this is toggled by pressing K3; after capturing, releasing should involve performing some approximation of what was previously released, allowing for failures of reproducibility and defects of the software’s pitch-detection algorithms.

Waiting is what it sounds like. On Norns, a previous capture can be erased by pressing K2 and K3 simultaneously.

If this happens to catch your fancy, there’s plenty of room to grow this scriptlet :slight_smile:


I learned a ton and am still in total shock of how wonderful everyone and the space was.

My main take aways from the event were feeling more comfortable and capable with norns, field recording and musical problem solving. But those outcomes are mostly internal and in my notes. For external, I did write some code as well :smiley:

Nat's Workshop Work by icco · Pull Request #1 · icco/habitus-2022-09-25 · GitHub is my addition on @dan_derks and @jaseknighter 's code to add grid support for both visualization and control. The grid is meant to be positioned in a vertical orientation with the two solid bars of lights on the right.

Still thinking about how I can keep the feelings from the weekend going, and this post is the first of my commitment to lurk less and post more!


I hope these are OK to share, in fact, they’re too amazing not to! Though, they are not mine, they’re amazing sketches from a notebook from an unbelievably talented individual at the Saturday evening performance who welcomed myself and others to capture a photo of their work. @jaseknighter - perhaps you recall their name? I sadly do not… And they absolutely deserve appropriate credit.

But here are two sketches of Dan and Jonathan from each of their respective sets. Just beautiful.




sadly i do not recall the artists name but i game him my contact info and will share it if he gets in touch.

thank you for sharing this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: