Norns hackalong

next session

dec 8 2pm PST

as threatened on the skill share thread, i’m planning a live development session for norns.

this will be on saturday, september 28, from 12 to 4pm pacific standard time.

in this period i’ll attempt to make an engine and a script from scratch, while sharing dev machine screen / norns video / audio / chat.

i’m thinking the product will be some sort of synthesized drum machine, and a pattern input mechanism inspired by the immediacy and simplicity of the boss dr-55 and other funny old things.

i’ll probably do this in a google hangouts youtube live stream (thanks for suggestions.)

i’ve never done this before, so expect awkwardness and technical difficulties!


I will try to be there ! I must remember ! That’s a wonderful initiative, thank you for taking the time to try and do that.

Love this idea. Will be lurking the stream for sure :sweat_smile:

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@zebra Thank you so much for doing this. Would it be possible to save the session for later viewing? I would like to attend but am traveling.


Would appreciate this also, am planning to tune in but can only make the first hour

I’ll probably dial in a little after starting (5am Australia time). I can have an early night on Saturday :slight_smile:

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Just a nerdy tech thought, feel free to disregard. I’m sure Google Hangouts will work fine for this, but it sounds like this is a bit more broadcast than multicast in intent. On that note, something like Youtube Live might make it easier to share the recording later. Then again, I’m sure it’s possible to share a Hangout recording too. So maybe it doesn’t matter? (I’m new to this type of thing as well)


I’m in! I’d also 2nd @jasonw22’s suggestion of a youtube live stream for posterity and “rewind-ability-ness”. Thanks for taking the time either way! Excited to lurk @Justmat style.

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Great idea. This will be 3am on a Sunday in my time zone. But I’m still planning to join. It’ll help me decide if jumping (back) into norns is for me. And it will teach me how involved the coding side really is for someone that knows what he’s doing. So thanks!

this sounds amazing! i’m not sure i’ll be able to tune in while it’s live, but would love an archived recording!

I really love this idea and have it marked in my calendar. I think this should absolutely be recorded and, depending on the success of this take be referenced in documentation for the Norns. The Norns is so inspiring but also extremely cryptic. This is par for the course with many products in the Monome family, but I have felt the Norns could be much more inclusive than some of the other (more modular) members.

In so much as the Norns being very difficult to define and pin down, having an example of, in real-time, scripting and using the device would be valuable. I have lamented the lack of something that could one could point the curious to in hopes of better explaining what the Norns is and some of what makes it special. Approaching: Norns is a beautiful demo, but can seem a bit like magic. It’s almost a demonstration of the device in there haha of the highly skilled, as opposed to what the product ‘is’ or ‘is not.’

Of course, I am excited about this being a technically based presentation, but it’s really got me thinking of how one might be represent the true magic of the Norns, which in my eyes is its extreme and yet elegantly designed flexibility!

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marked my calendar. looking forward to it!!

Youtube would be great, particularly since I’ll be performing at a gig during the designated window.

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thank you :slight_smile:

A wonderful idea. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to tune in live because of time zone and commitments so an option to catch up like YouTube would be preferable. In any case good stuff and thank you

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I’d love to join as well, great initiative!

Damn, I can’t make it, but would love to watch it afterwards if possible :slight_smile:

wow, thank you for doing this! looking forward to it

If we could stream these they would be an amazing resource - please please please :slight_smile:

yes certainly will stream and record.

(i’m used to recording google meetings at work, but now i see that is an enterprise feature. woops! youtube studio plus OBS seems like it will do the trick.)