Norns hackalong

Still think youtube will be the easiest, most seamless choice, but in the interest of Open Sourcery:

Ok so this is still on for tomorrow

I’ll post a link here shortly before noon


Great! Hope it can be recorded - though it’s 9pm start here in Blighty - so snacks, beer and coffee organised for at least a good chunk of it! Thanks for doing

waarg sorry running a little late with the setup. will start 12:20 i think. sorry!




appear to be in!:smiley::smiley::smiley:

no audio yet tho… right?

yeah no audio - 20 whatits

ok shoot - i’m not sure this is gonna work. JACK and OBS not playing nicely

you mean we’re gonna have to hack all by ourselves?!

i can hear you |!!!

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yeah - OBS audio is only working if i kill jack - also killing supercollider

(OBS claims to be a jack client but it isn’t behaving like one)

OHH there is a special “jack input client” capture device… hang on

… no dice, doesnt show in jack patchbay

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I did see capture device underneath system in one of your windows ???

thats the system ADC

ok it works for a second and then OBS crashes!

i guess we’ll see

I can hear the sea :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

you are quite low volume

that’s good - drum and voice now even

yes can hear norns

can you explain ‘wrapping in an engine’ ta - thanks


synthdef is pink_trig and dumb_trig is used below. Is that an error?


Will nmtui work over ssh? (could be connected over ethernet on Pi)

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For those looking to easily print the contents of a lua table while hacking try this in the maiden REPL:

tu = require "tabutil"
1	PolySub
2	RedFrikTweets
3	DreadMoon
4	KarplusRings
5	SimplePassThru
6	Zsins
7	PolyPerc
8	Timber
9	TestSine
10	None
cutoff	table: 0x385be8
release	table: 0x385ab0
hz	table: 0x385680
amp	table: 0x3857e0
pw	table: 0x385938
gain	table: 0x385da0
name	cutoff
func	function: 0x385b60
id	5
fmt	f

controversial, but tab = require 'tabutil' is run at startup.

so tab is globally available always