Norns: help

instead of a norns, i might recommend using your computer with ableton/m4l or max? this way you don’t spend extra money on something that might not be quite right. the documentation for norns is getting overhauled right now, so check back in soon and perhaps it will be more clear. crow will function as a highly integrated cv bridge between norns and eurorack (and more).


Thanks, Brian. Ideally I’d integrate Grid and Arc with my Eurorack system and keep it independant from the computer – at least when I don’t want to record. This sounds like Norns plus Crow might be a good option…

I was wondering is there a way to send midi out of Norns to control soft synths on my computer just with a single usb cable connection - and without a usb-midi interface?

Thanks for help!

If the script you are using has a midi out function, yes. I use a iConnectivity MIO. USB plugged into norns and MIDI Dina plugged into audio interface. You can also use it to send MIDI to an iOS device.

I was actually thinking about a direct USB connection without additional MIDI interfaces

Norns and your computer are both midi hosts, so you will need something to handle the host to host connection.

small size midi host to host:

I have one of these on order. Still, it’s another piece. The OP might have been asking whether Bluetooth MIDI was supported. It isn’t as of this post.

Thanks all clear now! This small usb-midi-usb looks like a nice solution

FWIW - OSC is builtin on norns so you could use that over WiFi if you have some OSC to MiDI software on your computer.


How does one sync two Norns(-es)? Asking for a friend. @carvingcode

MIDI sync? I don’t know. I’m going to play around with that this week actually.

In the meantime, I press the start button on both of mine at the same time. :nerd_face:


It isn’t pretty, but I have used two of these with one of these in the middle.


I have an old MIDISport and 2 MIOs. That should pretty much do the same as @Justmat ‘s solution.

Oh wow… I thought from your videos you had already figured out some kinda sync.

I need to get my second pi-norns built and then see if I can solve this a different way. :thinking:


I’m watching the amazing Eli Fieldsteel videos on SuperCollider - is everything in SC available in the Norns? As in all the things I’m playing with on my Mac will run in Norns? And I use Lua to change arguments?

If so, damn! Wish I’d found this sooner.

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Pretty much everything in SC is available on norns. And if you need some kind of Quark (extension) that isn’t available in the vanilla SC you can manually add the files.

Best practices would be to use SC for all sound generating and then use LUA for control. That means you wouldn’t use the stock SC control classes like MIDIdef or OSCdef or even Patterns but rather use the LUA layer in norns to control everything. However there is nothing stopping you from using things like Patterns on norns and I’ve done some of that already.


Norns comes with pretty much a full SC3 install as well as sc3-plugins.


You may need to compile some extensions if they don’t already have a linux binary. I had to do this with the f0plugins from fredrik olofsson (these are ugens). (assuming of course there’s source code for them)

Once compiled on norns, they should be installed at /home/we/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions on norns.

After that you’d need to create an engine or some other SC glue/code to access them from the Lua layer. I’m slowly working on this for some of the f0plugins.

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So, I did get MIDI sync working between 2 norns. But, in order to use my existing MIDI interface (and old M Audio MIDISport 4x4 and 2 MIOs) I had to also use Bidule and create a simple MIDI A to MIDI B patch. Works like a charm. No more synchronized finger presses. :wink: