Norns: help

keep in mind the screen is 128 x 64 pixels, basically 4 bit grayscale.

fonts are in here:

main font is 04_B…

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Ok, I’ve got the mio set on midi device nr.1 but setting less concepts to ‘external’ causes the sequencer to stop.

did I miss a step?

By choosing ‘external’ you are asking the script to receive a MIDI Clock Sync. You can leave it like that and send MIDI Sync from whatever device you have it cabled to. Or, set it back to internal.

it seems to be isolated to less concepts… loom seems to accept the ext clock just fine. the only difference in the params screen is that loom allows you to select the midi in device that is emitting the clock

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Check with @dan_derks for less_concepts support. He’s the author. I don’t have it running here locally.


dang, sorry for the trouble!

I don’t have a way to test external clocking, but the midi code was wholesale pasted from the midi sync part of study 4. all clocking is handled by dewb’s beatclock library.

looking at loom, mark has incorporated some more detailed clock switching options – but from what I can tell, these shouldn’t be necessary for it to “just work.”

unfortunately, this is a hard moment to try to troubleshoot for folks who are on 1.0 as I’ve already installed 2.0 on my machine to learn updated scripting syntax. so we can narrow this down a bit, can you verify if “external” is printed in maiden while you run less concepts off an external clock? that would at least verify that everything’s initializing fine and maybe there’s just a syntax error downstream.

thanks for your interest in the script! excited to hear what you do with it once we get ya up and running :slight_smile:

Hi Dan,

No trouble at all! I’ll check in maiden.


Ok, it does in fact log external to the console, I also tried hard coding a device id midi.connect(1) to no avail… I’ll keep grafting in parts of mark’s midi code and see where I get.

I’ll keep you posted.

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if this happens every single external clock event then I think I know the (face palm worthy) fix:

in line 226, try replacing:
clk.on_select_external = function() print("external") end
clk.on_select_external = function() iterate() end
and lmk what happens?

expected behavior: maiden stops printing “external” for every external clock and starts iterating less concepts.

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What is the path the viewing the Lua module docs on the norns?



it only logs external once, then repeatedly logs midi_event, no change after changing that line.

bleh, thank you for your resilience and help. pulling off into Norns: scripting.

edit: @capsella , I have a theory!
can you try getting a sequence up and running with the internal clock [without the changes we talked about] and then while it’s groovin’, switch the clock source to external and try clocking externally?

@dan_derks tried that last night… the sequencer stops


well, I did learn that clk:start() and clk:stop() commands affect both internal and external clocking, so I’ll do some more digging. thanks for the patience!

Hello! I have some display issues on my Norns since a while. I charged it several times but the display stays dim and not very visible. Is there a way to check/adjust display settings? I’m still on 18110. Thanks for help!

send an e-mail with photo to

the display may need to be replaced.

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just got my norns and i have a dumb question, thought i saw it somewhere cant seem to find it now

Loading samples in manually vs recording them directly. Im guessing its some sort of ssh situation just not sure where to put them and if there is a format they should be in or if they are only compatible with certain apps or if said apps need to be modified to accept files.

SFTP is probably your best bet to drag and drop. ssh if you know the command line well.

location should probably be somewhere in ~/dust/audio

If I recall correctly - most any audio format should work except for mp3.


Is it ok to clear out the update folder following an update?

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